Paid Search Character Count Tool

12 Feb

Tired of second guessing character length?

We’ve all been in that position before. You write a great sounding ad and include all the information you want to, with a great sales pitch and encouraging call to action, only then to come to the realisation that you’ve overstepped the boundaries with …

Posted in Adwords, PPC by Justin Cole

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Mobile is all about Location Location Location!

4 Feb

As the age old Real Estate aphorism goes it’s all about Location, Location, Location!

With “Advertising spend at £23.12 per mobile internet user in the UK in 2012” (eMarketer, 2013), “smart phone sales at 491.4 million units in 2011” (IDC, 2012), and “45% of internet users using mobile phones to …

Posted in Adwords, Mobile, PPC by Anna Maria Khan-Rubalcaba

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Google Shopping: what’s new for advertisers?

13 Dec

As sponsored results continue taking over more and more space on the search engine results pages (SERPs) another small revolution is going to change the way merchants approach their SEM strategies.
In May 2012 Google announced that Google Product Search will transition to a “commercial model” built on Product Listing …

Posted in Adwords, Ecommerce, PPC by Rocco Alessandro Noviello

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All an Online Marketer needs to know about Search Network Quality Score

12 Jul

Quality Score (QS) is a crucial component to the success of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign. It has an impact on the number of impressions, on the Ad position, on the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and, consequently, on the overall performance of your account. Although it’s not possible to open Google’s “black …

Posted in Adwords, PPC by Rocco Alessandro Noviello

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Google Analytics – Advanced Segments

22 Oct

Ok, so  I wrote about Google Analytics a few weeks ago 3 months ago, and some companies inability to utilise its functionality, either because they are unaware of the possibilities of the platform or simply are not being able to derive meaningful information from what they are seeing. I …

Posted in Adwords, Analytics, Google, PPC by Digivate

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Google’s ACE

27 Sep

Google last week launched a new feature to the ever complex Google Adwords platform that will transform the way search marketers manage their Adwords PPC accounts. Google ACE (Adwords Campaign Experiments) allows you to set up controlled experiments for using two different bids over the exact same period; simple …

Posted in Adwords, Google, PPC by Digivate

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Apple VS Google in the mobile advertising market

9 Aug

British mobile users will soon have to align themselves to a tech giant, as both Google and Apple are setting their sights on the lucrative mobile advertising market.

Google boss Eric Schmidt recently announced the company will be following a “mobile-first approach” and prioritising investment in a rapidly growing sector …

Posted in Adwords, Google, Mobile, Social Media by Digivate

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Google Image Search Ads

23 Jul

As you may have heard Google this week announced the release of their new image search ads to the AdWords platform. These are billed just the same as normal ads and built with the help of the display ad builder inside AdWords. This effectively shows a thumbnail image inside …

Posted in Adwords, Google, PPC by Digivate

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Paid Search Marketing, Understanding It

16 Jul

Clients are often in with the mindset that paid search marketing, and search to a degree, works like a tap, turn the valve to let more water through; spend more to get more sales. To an extent this works, but there are implications and by-products of this mentality.

In the …

Posted in Adwords, Google, PPC, SEO by Digivate

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Adwords Search Funnels

25 Jun

Google has provided agencies and advertisers with tools and functionality that have now become synonymous with online marketing. This has come in the form of basic conversion tracking to more advanced ecommerce value tracking (*cough* Microsoft Adcenter) to the only search engine to provide agencies the ability to manage …

Posted in Adwords, Google, PPC by Digivate

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