Buzzwords That Ecommerce Specialists See Too Often


Every industry has its buzzwords and E-commerce is no different. Whether you’re a specialist or a novice there’s no doubt that you would have seen an article detailing how content marketing can boost your brand or how Google Authorship is the next big thing.

With this in mind, we thought …

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What is Your Agency Doing About Not Provided?

The rapid increase in not provided data in Google Analytics poses many questions for SEO agencies. How can we see how our work has translated into results? How are we able to spot new keyword opportunities? Ultimately, how do we show clients that the work we do provides value?

These …

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How to Get 30,000 Twitter Followers in a day

Get Hacked

Get hacked!
International fast food giant Burger King fell victim to online hacking organisation Anonymous on Monday. The self proclaimed ‘hacktivists’ say they take action against companies who they feel are unethical by attacking websites and social media accounts.
During the attack Anonymous hijacked Burger King’s Twitter page and re-branded it …

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SEO and Social Media – Why You Need Both

SEO - jealous of Social Media?

Social Media is the shiny new toy in the toy box, but is there still room for your favourite SEO toy?

The apparent war between SEO and Social Media Marketing has been a high profile topic for the past few months. One particular article from the Guardian stated that ‘SEO …

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The Social Gaming Gamble: Has Sony Got It All Wrong? (infographic)

PS4 vs. Xbox

Unless you’ve been living under a Donkey-Kong sized rock for the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that after six long years, Sony’s PlayStation 4 was unveiled to be released this year.

When looking through the Sony presentation plus subsequent reviews & articles, one of the main elements of the …

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Mobile is all about Location Location Location!

Paid Search

As the age old Real Estate aphorism goes it’s all about Location, Location, Location!

With “Advertising spend at £23.12 per mobile internet user in the UK in 2012” (eMarketer, 2013), “smart phone sales at 491.4 million units in 2011” (IDC, 2012), and “45% of internet users using mobile phones to …

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Responsive Web Design, Dedicated Mobile Site or Mobile App – How to Choose?

Mobile vs Desktop User Projections, 2007 - 2015

More than ever people are accessing content on the move, with mobile devices fast becoming our primary way of accessing information.

If you want people to buy your products, use your service, locate you or contact you, a mobile optimized website has arguably become the best tool available.

But there’s still …

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Facebook Graph Search: 5 Marketing Facts

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has unveiled Graph Search, a new socially-driven personalised search engine that will form an integral part of the social network.

Replacing the previous Facebook search feature, Graph Search will use information about your Facebook friends from Facebook’s Social Graph.

There’s more information about Facebook’s Graph Search on the official page, along …

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The E-Commerce Marketing Mix: 8 Principles (infographic)

Ecommerce Marketing Mix Infographic

Getting buyers to visit, buy and keep buying is the essence of marketing for websites selling things online. When people share your content with their friends, your campaigns gain far more reach at no additional cost.

Selling online requires a specialised marketing mix – but the same principles can be …

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12 SEO Warfare Tactics: Attack and Defence

SEO Warfare

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others (Niccolo Machiavelli)

Don’t try this at home kids. I don’t advocate the use of hostile SEO under any circumstances. And I’m not about to reveal anything really dangerous or secret here.

But it is important for brands …

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