How to make GIFs using Photoshop CS5

9 Feb

GIFs are everywhere, on social media, blogs and websites. These funny little animated images are both popular and on-trend, so if you’re a business you really don’t want to ignore them.

With so many online GIF-making sites it is easy to just use an automated GIF creator. But what if …

Posted in Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media by Felicity Ferguson

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5 Ways to Handle a Twitter Shutdown

19 Jan

Ah, the great Twitter outage of January 2016 left our Social Media team in a sad state. With the site down on the web and mobile, our team had to spend the morning NOT browsing through their feeds and laughing at the latest @BadFatherHan joke and found other things to occupy their …

Posted in Social Media by Hyacinth Guelas

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16 SEO Skills for Career Success [infographic]

26 Aug

Demand for digital marketing skills is exploding and there are opportunities for people with the right skills to rise to greatness within as little as 5 years. Far from being dead… yet again… SEO is perhaps the most fascinating digital discipline of all.

But little has been written about the skills …

Posted in SEO by Ben Acheson | 3 comments

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SEO Blogs for Beginners – The Essentials

16 Jun

SEO can be incredibly overwhelming to those new to it, with practices constantly being updated, and conflicting opinions coming from every corner of the globe. Beginners may find that even when they finally understand a certain element of SEO, it can suddenly become old news, and they have to …

Posted in SEO by Tom Channell | 1 comment

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Instagram Tips & Tricks: Don’t take another photo without reading this!

30 Apr

With over 300 million users Worldwide and an average of 70 million photos uploaded every day, it can be hard to cut through the huge amount of content posted on Instagram.

The platform has made it far more accessible and affordable for people who have an interest in photography to …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell | 2 comments

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10 Industry Leading Blogs’ Social Sharing Strategies

30 Mar

Which social media platforms should you be using? Take tips from the experts with our industry analysis.
Everyone has their favourite blog, and the chances are that your favourite blog has an amazing social media presence, with huge numbers of followers and great engagement rates. But how have they done …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell

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Mobile Friendly Sites Rank Higher from April 21

24 Mar

From April 21st Google will effectively penalise websites that are not mobile friendly.

By expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal their new algorithm will favour mobile-friendly sites at the expense of unfriendly ones – so mobile-unfriendly sites can expect to lose organic search rankings and traffic via …

Posted in SEO by Ben Acheson

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5 Google Doodles We Still Remember

20 Mar

Since the very first Doodle in 1998, there have been over 2000 Google Doodles and counting. From artists to astronauts, Google have been celebrating birthdays, holiday and all manner of special occasions from all over the world; with their dedicated team of Doodlers coming up with ideas all the …

Posted in Social Media by Rosamunde Wells

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Top 10 Most Creative PPC Campaigns of All Time!

3 Mar

PPC doesn’t have to be boring!

In the data driven world of paid search it’s easy to forget how to be creative. A fun, innovative and well executed PPC campaign can work wonders for your business. I’ve researched and compiled 10 of the most creative paid search campaigns of all …

Posted in Adwords, Google, Online Marketing by Matthew Stratford | 8 comments

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SEO News Round-Up: February 2015

2 Mar

Where did February go? Well, wherever it went, it went there fast. Another month of SEO news has come and gone and we’ve rounded up the best stories from the past 28 days and put them in one great post for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Algorithm Updates
It was the second …

Posted in SEO by Rosamunde Wells

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