Content Marketing ROI: How to Use Attribution Models to Prove the Value of Your Content

content marketing roi

If you are like most marketers, you probably don’t measure your content marketing properly.

You may even ask yourself:

“Is my content marketing driving revenue? And if so, how do I know if it does?”

The thing is …

Whatever your industry, your customers are constantly asking Google questions your business can solve:

“Best plus …

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The No #1 Reason You Should Advertise on Facebook

why advertise on facebook

Why bother advertising on Facebook?

Firstly, Facebook is a big part of everyone’s lives.

20% of the world’s population (that’s 1.5 billion people of all ages) are spending an average of 35 minutes on Facebook EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

This means that there is close to 100% chance that your target audience is active on …

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6 Proven Ecommerce Marketing Tactics That Will Explode Your Sales

ecommerce marketing strategy 1

If you are an ecommerce brand, you need the right marketing strategy to grow your business.

A sound ecommerce strategy can help you build brand awareness, obtain new customers and drive customer loyalty.

But where do you start?

You can read all day long about strategies and tactics for growing your online …

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Increase Your Revenue by Integrating PPC Campaign on Search and Social Media

Integrating PPC Campaign

In this article, we will show you how to manage an integrated PPC campaign on search and social media to increase your conversions.

If you’re like most marketers, you are probably overwhelmed by abundant choices, so you just stick with what you know. 

Decision fatigue is why so many experts in …

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Powerful Secrets of SEO Copywriting You’ve Never Heard Of

seo copywriting secrets

Your content needs to accomplish two goals – persuade your target audience to buy and get traffic.

But how do you do it?

If your current traffic doesn’t convert or you don’t know how to get qualified leads to your website, it’s time to change what you do.

The problem with most …

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6 Greatest Benefits of SEO – Why SEO is More Relevant Than Ever

search marketing

Every other year a few voices from distant corners of the marketing world whisper that SEO is dying.

What these people fail to understand is that Panda and Penguin updates only killed spammy elements of SEO forcing the industry to evolve and mature into fully grown-up customer-centric marketing discipline it …

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5 Essential SEO Ranking Factors: What Really Matters in 2019?

seo rankings factors 2019

If you want to know how to improve your SEO rankings in 2019 and grow your business, you’ve come to the right place.

The search algorithm is a complex beast.

Google claims to use over 200 ranking factors when evaluating which pages rank as the best possible results for different searcher …

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What Is Neuromarketing and Why Is It Essential for Modern Marketers

Most customers don't know why they buy copy 1

Neuromarketing is a marketing discipline that uses neuroscientific research and consumer behaviour to improve the effectiveness of marketing and ultimately increase sales.

In other words, the field of neuromarketing aims to bring neuroscience and marketing together. It’s where marketing meets evidence-based science.

How many of you can honestly say that you …

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One Thing Everyone Forgets When Migrating or Launching a New Website

It was recently said that any competitive website should change or update its design every two years.

Also, with regular Google algorithm updates, there are certainly benefits to refreshing your site to improve user experience and maximise conversions.

However, there is a crucial element that tends to fall through the cracks.  …

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Trio of Digital Agencies Merge to Offer Psychological Edge on Competitors


Top London agencies Energy House Digital (Paid Search and Development), Neuro Web Marketing (Psychology based CRO, UX and SEO) and Digivate (SEO and Development) have today announced their merger in a bid to become the UK’s leading agency in the delivery of psychology led digital marketing. The merger puts the new …

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