Social Media Weekly – Issue #9

28 Jul

Here’s the last Social Media Weekly of July, it’s been a busy week at Digivate Towers, so the list is slightly shorter (but just as good).



Why Facebook and Twitter Are Embracing Ecommerce

Reddit rolls out a new ‘Reddit Live’ reporting tool for breaking news submissions

Mobile saves the day: Facebook surpasses revenue expectations

Remember FourSquare? …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell

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Social Media Weekly – Issue #8

21 Jul

It’s the SM Weekly 2 month anniversary! Thanks to everyone who keeps viewing & sharing our posts, it’s greatly appreciated!

Here are some of our favourite posts from the last 7 days:


Big tech companies are exploring the prospect of drones.

Facebook ad spend is up 50% year on year.

Study shows Facebook ads …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell

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Social Media Weekly – Issue #7

14 Jul

Hi everyone, here’s our roundup of all things social from last week! Thanks to everyone who’s been sharing this on Twitter and upvoting on Reddit, it’s much appreciated :)


Most brands are now measuring Social Content effectiveness.

What percentage of brand mentions are neutral?

Upsight and Grindr: Creating loyal users with the power of …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell

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Social Media Weekly – Issue #6

7 Jul

Here’s issue 6! Loads going on as always, I particularly liked the interview with Pat Law.

I’ve also set up a Google Docs which lists all the historical articles in case you want to re-read anything. Check it out here.


The Rise And Fall Of Orkut

Matt Cutts, is going on indefinite leave. …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell

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Google’s New Manual Action Penalty for Thin Content

7 Jul

Google has started specifically penalising websites for “having thin content with little or no added value”.

Penalties are issued in the form of a manual spam action with an email alert and a notice in Google Webmaster Tools – just like penalties for bad links.

The notice in Google Webmaster Tools and …

Posted in Ecommerce, SEO by Ben Acheson | 4 comments

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The Social Media Empire [infographic]

2 Jul

Building a Social Media empire isn’t easy.

The most powerful names of Social Media weren’t formed by keeping themselves to themselves. A brilliant idea isn’t enough to sustain your business. Years of accumulating investments, acquisitions and constantly coming up with innovative concepts have led to their influence on people and digital …

Posted in Social Media by Hyacinth Guelas

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SEO News Round-Up: June 2014

1 Jul

July has arrived and we’re starting to enjoy some lovely sunny weather over here in London. If you spent a little too much time outside in the sun and missed out on hearing about the biggest SEO news stories of the month then have no fear, we’ve collected all …

Posted in SEO by Rosamunde Wells

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Social Media Weekly – Issue #5

30 Jun

Catch up on all the latest news and tips from the last week of June in our weekly round up. Enjoy!


The Gallup report caused a stir and here’s all the reaction | | |

The state of social media in June 2014

More speculation on the future of G+

Facebook take on Twitter

Is Pinterest passing Twitter in …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell

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Social Media Weekly – Issue #4

23 Jun

Another week, another social media Roundup! There are some pretty long articles in this one, so let’s get started:


Twitter now supports gifs

Facebook launched it’s answer to Snapchat- Slingshot

Facebook went down, Twitter went up

The ‘Yo’ app got a lot of press

The dark side of Facebook revealed

Facebook plan to own your …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell | 2 comments

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Social Media Weekly Issue #3

16 Jun

Welcome to issue 3 of Social Media Weekly! Here are the top ten news stories and advice articles we saw this week:


84% of internet traffic will be video content by 2018

Google unseated Microsoft in the US

Facebook hashtags now included in Google SERPS

Iraq shut down social media …

Posted in Social Media by Tom Channell | 1 comment

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