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How we scored a +36.91% increase in merch transactions for London’s most iconic theatre

The Journey

The Royal Opera House is known across the globe for its symphonic history and cutting-edge contemporary offering.

When it came to their online shop, though, something wasn’t hitting the right note – and it showed in the conversion rate. When you’ve got merch this good, it really ought to be flying off those Shopify shelves!


A black royal opera house branded T-shirt

The ‘new in store’ section of the ROH shop reveals new items as the user navigates.


The team requested our much-loved CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) ‘Quick Wins’ Audit. We identified pain points on the homepage, category page filters, and checkout. Then we got to work on easy-to-implement optimisations that we knew would work wonders for the conversion rate.

Technology used:

  • Hotjar
  • Google Analytics
  • Shopify


The old Royal Opera House merch site, with poor user experience
The new Royal Opera House merch site, with a great user experience
A young man gives a thumbs up

The results

In just one month, the Royal Opera House saw its conversions crescendo by +23.18%!

  • +36.91% increase in transactions in the first month
  • +134% more transactions from email campaigns
  • +128% more revenue from email campaigns
  • +285% increase in eCommerce conversions from social media traffic