Neocase Software is a leading provider of HR and Finance service solutions.

The problem

Neocase wanted to work with an established digital marketing agency that can offer a holistic solution to improve their website performance. In particular, Neocase wanted to increase leads for 3 main software products: Neocase HR, Neocase HR Ready, and Neocase Finance.

The mind approach

To increase the number of leads for the 3 main products, we needed to achieve 2 things simultaneously:

  • Increase the conversion rate of the main lead generation pages
  • Increase traffic to the site

To achieve this, we integrated our expertise in conversion rate optimisation (CRO), search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

CRO – what we did

  • Reduced friction in the website funnel – we reduced the steps needed to complete conversion, as well as shortened and improved the forms.
  • Enhanced the value of the offer – we made sure that upon entering any page of the website, users can answer the following questions:
    • what Neocase does
    • what makes Neocase unique
    • and why the user should choose Neocase over the competition
  • Identified and fixed main user experience (UX) issues – we made all 3 sets of contact details (in the U.S., U.K., and France) equally visible on this page.
  • Improved copy and content on main lead generation
  • Updated the blog to a two thirds/one-third split, with the blog posts running down the left-hand side in a single column – equally weighted options typically mitigate conversions as they reduce the user’s ability to sequence their thoughts and control the order of their thinking and as a result – distract from the purpose of the page.

SEO – what we did

  • Fixed main technical SEO problems
  • Removed all toxic links pointing to the website
  • Acquired over 40 high-quality backlinks to important pages– we acquired over 40 free high-quality links in only 2 months
  • Increased search traffic to 3 main lead generation by improving the existing content
  • Created blog strategy and content calendar – we analysed competitors, identified high-volume yet low-difficulty keywords, and created a 6-month blog content calendar to generate search traffic.

PPC – what we did

  • Promoted the 3 main products across Google Search, Display (remarketing), Social media, and Gmail – our thorough audience targeting and daily campaign optimisation on each platform allowed us to keep conversion rate at 3.4%, which is 4 X lower than the B2B software industry average.