Leading over-50s fashion company empowers their customers to shop digitally

The problem

A ‘traditional’ over-50s fashion brand came to us with a common problem: how to make the next generation of over 50s shoppers, who are technologically empowered, buy from them online and see their brand as relevant and fresh. Part of a huge European conglomerate, this multi-million euro brand made most of their money through catalogue and over-the-phone sales.

The mind approach

We built 7 personas for the brand, split into two groups: existing and potential.

These personas were built using Analytics data, survey data and behaviour analysis.

Then, we targeted each persona on different channels, using different content, ad copy and imagery. Each persona had a keyword and content strategy built specifically for them.

Being highly visual and important for fashion fans, we used remarketing as an experimental channel to test and learn about the users.