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UK Radiators

How we scaled revenue by 55% through agile experimentation for one of the UK’s largest heating suppliers


Winners of the Best Content Marketing Campaign Digivate

The background

As one of the UK’s largest radiator stores, UK Radiators doesn’t just offer radiator products — it also supports customers’ end-to-end experience with dedicated customer support and resources.

In 2021, UK Radiators started to see a decline in conversions following the redesign of their website on Magento 2. The company invested a lot of manpower and finances trying to encourage new users and keep current users on the site. Despite having a successful acquisition strategy in place, UK Radiators’ website wasn’t properly optimised or suitable for its customer needs and demands.

What we did

The first proposed solution was to conduct our CRO ‘quick wins’ audit. We started with the “lowest-hanging fruit” from this audit, applying updates to the high priority items first – the homepage, category page filters, product page and checkout. We identified items that had a huge impact on the conversion rate of the store and could be either tested or implemented straight away.

We used experimentation and user research to test and support our optimisation ideas, leading to higher transaction volume and product revenue for the UK Radiators e-commerce website. This included:

  • A deep dive into the page’s analytics, from all channels
  • Analysis of on-page behaviour
  • Customer survey
  • Real-time surveys
  • Staff surveys
  • Live chat audit
  • Competitor audits
  • Remote user testing
  • Prototyping and wireframing

Our research led to 100s of testing ideas which we prioritised and rolled out through experiments which lasted between 2 and 6 weeks depending on the traffic to each page.


We’ve been working with Digivate on our CRO for a year now and the results have been superb. We have seen improvement to conversion rates AoVs and overall revenue. Digivate have become an extension of our own team and due to both the results of their work with CRO, and their methodical, organised and analytical approach to managing projects, are now also supporting our email and SEO efforts, with plans for further collaboration in future.

–  Dan Nezhad, Co Founder of UK Radiators

The results

  • +55.52% year on year revenue
  • +26.55% increase in Average Order Value
  • +22.89% increase in transactions
  • 96% of A/B tests have concluded in our favour, with an average uplift of 78% in conversion rate

UK Radiators Results