Social Media Is Mightier Than the Political Sword

house of commons river view

This article will let you in on how the UK political landscape has been changed forever thanks to expert driven user research and strategic social media management, and how social media campaigns can help you make the impact you need in your industry (that your competitors are most probably …

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Damaging Content and the Effects on Your Reputation – Digital Marketing Roundup

5 ingredients for the perfect PPC meal

Columnist Fredrick Valleys reports on what characteristics the best performing ads had in common. This all sprouted from a case study to analyse what great performing ETA’s have in common by looking at 700 accounts, 1.2 million ads and over a billion …

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Brand Keywords. To Bid or Not to Bid

‘Why should I pay to promote my own brand? After all I am already showing at the top of the search results. I don’t need to waste money on a brand PPC campaign”.

As a digital marketer this is a comment one often hears from clients. And it’s a fair …

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Using email marketing to create brand awareness

Perhaps at some stage in the past you will have heard the jingle ‘I’m Loving It’ on Television/Radio or seen the instantly recognisable log of a golden arch on a red background? Yes you guessed right, this is the branding for McDonald’s food chain.

Having heard a business’s jingle or …

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Online reputation: negative search results

Have you Googled your brand name recently? Why not try it now? Take a good look at what’s on pages one and two!

Prominent customer complaints can harm your business by turning off customers before they even arrive on your website. That means managing reputation forms a key part of …

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Online Reputation Campaign

Reputation management, also known as reverse SEO, is an important online marketing strategy designed to help deal with negative publicity online. Negative publicity can appear in a variety of instances but typically it is seen as blog posts, forum comments and online articles.

Negative publicity in the search engine result …

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Sitelinks in google

Sitelinks were designed to help users quickly and efficiently navigate a website from within search engine result pages (SERPs). The purpose of this is to save time and make the search experience faster and more user friendly.

Featuring on Google for a while now, sitelinks have evolved and have slowly …

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How Social Media manipulates Search behaviour

There are countless articles on an abundance of blogs and web sites which debate the return on investment in SEO versus investment in Social Media: Which has the greatest impact on lead conversion? Which is the better investment? If the debate is framed to compare and contrast SEO and …

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YouTube’s New Enhanced Channel

I once heard someone refer to social media as the ‘blob’; it is everything and everything is it. The meaning of this is obvious and vague at the same time. Everything online that can refer to your company and brand (in the way of user generated content) can be …

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Viral Marketing

… is defined generally as a marketing phenomenon which facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message. It is entirely dependent on a high pass along rate from person to person, and if this is achieved, the architects of the marketing message stand likely to benefit from …

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