The UK’s leading architecture practice for everyday homeowners who are looking for more accessible service.

The problem

Resi was looking for a straight-talking performance marketing agency that would help them to reach their ambitious marketing goals and surpass the number of registrations, quotes, and transactions they got.

The mind approach

To achieve Resi’s marketing goals, we needed to increase the number of quality leads while reducing the cost-per-acquisition. To achieve that we needed to know 2 things:

  1. Which UK locations generate the most revenue for Resi
  2. What do Resi customers care about when looking for architecture services

To answer these questions, we analysed Google Analytics data and identified the most affluent areas in the UK and London.

We then targeted homeowners in those locations who are looking for any architecture services for their homes to identify which particular areas generate registrations that lead to quotes.

To drive good quality enquiries, we A/B tested and revised ad copy until it spoke to our target audience. We also tweaked demographic targeting and used hyper location-targeted landing pages to maximise conversion rates

Finally, we allocated more budget to audience demographics and locations that lead to more quotes but cost less to acquire. This allowed us to scale our ads without increasing the cost per acquisition.