Private Jet Charter

Global leader in luxury private jet rental services.

The problem

Private Jet Charter came to Digivate in early 2020 with a goal to increase organic conversions and search visibility for the most competitive terms in private jet rental industry.

Digivate was tasked with increasing the organic visibility and conversions for both & domains. Our goal was to drive more and better-quality leads and to challenge the dominance of their existing competitors.

Our approach

In the first year, Private Jet Charter saw an incredible growth in keyword visibility and organic conversions. Here’s what we did to achieve this:

  • Created a comprehensive keyword strategy that focused on both English and Arabic keywords.
  • Performed a full technical SEO audit of the .com and .ae sites and provided actionable recommendations.
  • Optimised key landing pages and existing content to improve their organic discoverability.
  • Performed an in-depth backlink detox to improve the site’s overall “health”.
  • Assisted with link building strategies.
  • Created a customer review strategy to pull in more trusted reviews.
  • Assisted with content creation by providing full guidance on what topics to cover, and how to cover them. We also optimised these pieces of content using user-centric SEO tactics.