IV Boost UK

The leading IV vitamin therapy clinic in the heart of London.

The problem

Like many other healthcare websites, IV Boost UK was negatively affected by the Google Medic Update in 2018. As such, they needed to find a reputable full-service digital marketing agency that not only help them to recover from the update but also increase business enquiries and sales.

The mind approach

We analysed the IV Boost UK website and found several black-hat SEO issues, which led to a significant decline in performance.

The website also lacked trustworthiness, which is an important factor for customers looking for a medical treatment.

In order to improve the site’s overall health and increase its trustworthiness, we needed to take a holistic approach to digital marketing, so we identified and improved the 8 following areas:

  1. We modernised the website to create a more trustworthy image of the clinic
  2. We migrated the website to HTTPS and improved its speed
  3. We improved the content of key pages to increase search visibility and user experience
  4. We performed link detox and removed all toxic inbound and outbound links
  5. We built high-quality backlinks from reputable sites
  6. We created new pages to improve site’s authoritativeness
  7. We created the SEO-driven blog strategy, that helped to answer some of the most popular customer questions leading to more qualified organic traffic
  8. We used Google ads to bring in qualified traffic while the site was recovering