Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a rapidly growing social media platform that is now used by around 10 million people in the UK.  Utilised correctly, it can be a very powerful medium that can help with various aspects of business including customer service, sales leads, promotion and brand voice.

Businesses that are using Twitter are having varying degrees of success with a common issue being a lack of understanding of the platform. One way communication predominates with a focus on pushing out promotional material rather than joining in with the conversation.

Digivate’s experienced social media team understands the nature of twitter and how best to get the most from it. Drawing on a wide range of twitter campaigns that include a diverse set of fields and industries we can help:

  • Locate and expand your target audience
  • Engage with your customers and potential customers fast and in real-time
  • Promote your website to a hyper relevant target audience
  • Help build brand voice and credibility

Twitter Management fees: £795 per month

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