Google+ Marketing

Google+ is already a popular social network. Owned and heavily promoted by the search engine giant Google, it is still growing rapidly. Google Plus is becoming increasingly important not only in terms of its social reach but also in terms of its current and future impact on search marketing.

Effective Google+ campaigns can have a significant impact on traffic and revenue from organic search (SEO) campaigns. They can also help support paid search (PPC) campaigns. These benefits come in addition to the ability of Google+ to delve into the Google Plus networks and communities where your customers are already active. As well as the search and social benefits, Google+ campaigns can generate more referral traffic and sales than Facebook if it they are properly managed.

Google+ was developed to rival Facebook and Twitter, which was an ambitious goal. But Google’s considerable resources and huge presence across multiple platforms make their social network a very real contender in spite of the obvious challenges it faces.

The search and social media marketing benefits to businesses will surely continue to draw brands to Google+. Meanwhile Google’s business strategy has seen a journey towards full integration of all its services. That encourages uses to login and stay logged-in. Such popularity can only result in more and more brands and individuals becoming active users of Google+.

Google+ provides brands with an excellent additional platform to engage with their target audience and influencers, improve their presence in search results and draw more customers to the sales funnel.

Digivate’s Google+ Marketing services include:

  • Campaign and page management
  • Page design
  • Strategy development
  • Content
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Help and advice on Hangouts
  • Integration with search, social and content marketing campaigns

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