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There are many ways video can transform SEO campaigns. Here are just a few ideas that are worth there weight in SEO gold dust: Link juice and clicks.

So…video and SEO, here are the insights:

1. Get video listings within the universal search SERP’s page. This can increase click-through rates by up to 25% on a conventional listing. Eyes follow images and getting your video thumbnail in SERP’s will transform traffic. Unfortunately we are not going to spill the secrets of how to do this right here. Sorry.

2. Host helpful, insightful, link worthy videos on your site and place a shortened video on YouTube. Spread it through YouTube and reap the link rewards back to your site. Watch the links come in and the rankings climb!! If your YouTube video needs a push pay for ad embed placements on high traffic sites and plug the video through social media. Most of the views for a new video occur in the first 4 days: send it off with a bang or forever hold your peace.

3. Want to raise brand awareness? Create videos that gives your brand a personality, and optimise there hosting throughout video sharing sites. Drive interaction and plug videos through social media and email and you will be surprised what video can acheive for your brand.

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