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As an agency it is our responsibility to stay on the edge of what is happening in internet marketing, and with regard to SEO and social media (my current specialities) this means understanding the whole online landscape, how it is developing, and what this means for how our current strategies have to be modified in order to keep delivering impact and achieving continuous growth for our clients.

New tools are released frequently, there is constant online dialogue speculating as to exactly what the latest Google algorithm means for search, and on top of this Google’s own product offering keeps changing, so naturally we must keep adapting our offering to stay up to speed.

All these things are part and parcel of what defines SEO as a practice. Keep up to date, keep on top of your theory and rework your offering to navigate the changing online landscape.

At the moment it is quite obvious to anyone this side of the moon that social networks have provided the largest and most powerfully developing online trend. But what does this mean from a search perspective and where does it leave us as an agency?

From a classical SEO perspective this shouldn’t change the way we service client accounts because link authority is not passed through Twitter, Facebook, Bebo and Myspace links. So why should we bother pursuing them if they do not provide the authority transferral necessary to charge our landing pages?

On a basic level it is important to understand that although social network links don’t currently pass authority, they do in fact provide spiders with another route to access your site. This means your site will be crawled more regularly and your content development strategy will have more impact delivering better visibility and more timely results.

At a less obvious (but still pretty obvious level) it is all about content syndication, and how as an agency we ensure our clients content carries momentum online, be it video, images or written content. Ensuring we use the best online PR resources, communicate with the most influential bloggers and continue to grow our overall network are essential factors, but as social networks are now the predominant way to share content online it has become a massive search advantage to have effective means by which to feed link worthy content into social networks. If this content is bounced around within Facebook and Twitter you have the potential to build momentum and attract links back to the contents natural home on your site. It is important to understand that content must be resolved in some way on your site, if it is not your site will not be linked to and the benefits of the content will stay within the network. If you get it right then these links will not only come from Facebook and Twitter but also the websites and blogs of the thousands of people that have interacted with your content.

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