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Google AdWords: Why All The Fuss?

So you want to get a better return on your AdWords campaign budget, or you’re thinking about taking the plunge and putting some (or all) of your advertising budget into Google AdWords? Want to find out what the deal is first from an AdWords specialist? You can probably guess that we’re going to tell you that’s a great idea – it’s the single most popular PPC advertising platform in the world after all. But rather than us just telling you to go for it, let us tell you what you’re really after – the why, what and how.

So, why AdWords? Well, aside from it being the most popular PPC advertising platform, Google have created a system all about user experience – putting the consumer first and the advertiser second. That’s no good you might say. But what it means is that their hard focus on high speed of results, quality and relevance has also made it the most popular search engine, with over 91% of the worldwide search market (desktop, tablet & mobile) share. Now, you don’t need us to tell you – that’s not an audience you want to be missing out on.

But what exactly does AdWords include?

Search ads are the most common ad format implemented through the Google AdWords platform – charged on a cost per click basis. These are text based ads, which appear right below the search bar on Google – yes, if you’ve been clicking on those you’ve been costing businesses money all this time! The frequency at which ads appear is controlled by budgets allocated to different ‘keywords’, the idea being that you bid on keywords that – when searched – will lead to your ad showing. Although not necessarily. I mean, you’d think that if you bid the most on that particular keyword, your AdWords ad would automatically appear first, right? Well, actually not.

It’s not about being the highest bidder – it’s about having the highest Ad Rank, a combination of your bid, Quality Score and ad formats – the highest Ad Rank wins.

What does Google take into account when scoring your Ad Rank?

In a nutshell – expected click through rate, ad relevancy and your landing page relevancy as well as the expected impact of ad formats and ad extensions being used. That means that your ad must be valuable to the end user, the landing page must be one which is directly related to the ad and you should be using as many relevant ad formats and extensions as you can. An ad about women’s winter boots should lead a user to the women’s winter boots landing page for example, not the home page.

So when you put all this together – if you’re savvy – you can save up to 34% of your AdWords budget while actually improving your click through and conversion rates.

Don’t believe us? Well get in touch and we’ll show you how.

After all, optimising paid search through a winning combination of advanced technology and brain power is what EHD do.

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