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Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is a day to celebrate the achievements of incredible women across the world, and to take note of the steps forward they’ve taken to improve issues from maternity leave, equal pay and equal rights.

So let’s take a look at some of the most influential women of the moment, and see how they are changing the world for women…


(Credit: Telegraph)

These incredible 6 women took themselves off in their beloved boat ‘Doris’ and managed to battle their way across the Pacific Ocean. They sailed from San Francisco in California to Cairns in Australia, covering almost 8,500 miles. They powered through storms, mishaps and physical injuries and finished their herculean task in just 257 days to, become the first ever full-female team to complete the distance unsupported.
In aid of women across the world who have faced extreme adversity, they raised money for the charity Walking with the Wounded, the UK’s first ever fund specifically dedicated to supporting injured servicewomen.

  • Karimah Es Sabar

    (Credit: BIV)

    Es Sabar is the perfect example of balancing family life with a successful career; after moving her family from Kenya to Canada she took up a role in Medsurge Medical Inc as the chief operating officer, and was a major force in taking the company public.
    Since then, she has moved up the ranks to become President and CEO for the Centre of Drug Research and Development (CDRD) and helped to expand the business and create partnerships across the world.
    With enough motivation, courage and self-belief, Es Sabar has taken herself to the top and has forged a path for her and countless future women to shake up and change their professions for the better.

  • Hillary Clinton

    (Credit: NYTimes)

    Previous First Lady and current runner for President of the USA, Hillary Clinton is definitely creating a storm. With a long political history of trying to effect change in the USA, her supporters follow her because of her dedication to the causes she actively and publicly supports, her unifying vision for the country and the equality she hopes to create across all the states.
    With major campaign pledges such as ensuring equal pay for women, defending women’s health and reproductive rights and fighting for affordable childcare, Hillary is a firm figure in the Women’s movement in America, publicly stating, and showing, that women can create their power and make a positive change in their communities.

  • Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke

    (Credit: GoodCrowd)

    Founder and MD of Women’s Worldwide Web (w4), Nefesh-Clarke is not only an inspiring individual, she is a catalyst for change.
    W4 is an online crowdfunding platform which aims to develop and promote women’s and girl’s rights around the world. The company, supported by a network of strong and inspiring ambassadors, creates projects across the world from Afghanistan to Cambodia to ensure women and girls receive an education, healthcare, professional opportunities and the chance to exercise their human rights. Working against constant threats from assassinations, bombings and unsanitary living conditions, W4 is a worldwide community of passionate, driven people who seek to inspire and create a peaceful, equal world where women and girls are free to live dignified lives free from fear and poverty.

  • Your Mum

    How could we talk about all these inspiring, powerful women and not mention the one closest to all our hearts; our Mums.
    Always there with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine), some sage advice and a soft shoulder to lean on, our Mother’s are the centre of our worlds for most of our childhood lives.
    Then the glorious teenage years appear and the parental rebellion takes centre stage (we all stayed out without telling our parents, raided their wine cabinets, dished out some classic teenage ‘back-chat’), but as we get older we start to appreciate them in different ways. Actively seeking our mum’s out for some financial advice, a quick weekend at the family home to escape the city or an evening out on the town are just some of the ways we keep our mother’s close to us, so make sure you show your dear mum some love today.
    Give her a phone call after work, send her some flowers or bake her a cake, because if today is about celebrating the powerful women in your life, your Mother should be at the top of that list.

But hey, we couldn’t ignore the awesome ladies taking on the digital world:

  • Holly Brockwell

    (Credit: Metro)

    Founder of Gadgette, winner of the coveted Woman of the Year award and a force in the female-digital uprising, Brockwell is a figure of condemnation, admiration, controversy and a female figurehead in the tech/digital media world.
    She has a long history in the media, writing for companies like the BBC and ShinyShiny and regularly takes time to visit schools and speak to young people (girls especially) about forging a career in the male-dominated technology sector.
    With a sharp sense of humour, buckets of initiative and a quick mind, Brockwell is showing the digital world that sisters can do it for themselves.

  • Sarah Bird

    (Credit: Twitter)

    CEO of the digital monster we all know as Moz, Sarah Bird is one of the best at what she does, and it shows.
    Joining Moz when it was still under 10 employees, Bird has helped to grow the company into the renowned information portal we digital-ers all love to reference, educating digital minds the world over with interesting, applicable digital skills.
    From problem solving to creative writing, Bird inspires and seeks to be inspired by everyone and everything, especially keen on world travel and women in tech.
    Innovative and unabashedly good at what she does, Bird is a force for growth and female development in the tech industry, and one we can see inspiring young minds for years to come.

  • Ann Smarty

    (Credit: Texterra)

    Founder of SEOSmarty, Viral Content Buzz and several online platforms, Smarty is a lady with her fingers in multiple digital pies.
    She has been engaged in the digital realm since her university days and has been a prolific contributor to some well-known online marketing blogs like Mashable, Social Media Examiner, Epoch Times and many more.
    Unafraid of a challenge too, she is a regular speaker at Pubcon Conference, divulging her years of experience and expertise to aspiring minds.

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