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Google Shopping gives E-commerce sites a hugely valuable opportunity to get on the first page real estate of SERPs, especially for the more competitive terms. With universal search, Google’s shopping results will often appear above the fold on the first page of search results. Get your Base Feed optimised properly for high volume search terms and you’ll be exposing your product to many more users, optimise for the longertail terms and the likelihood of conversion will rise considerably.

As it is only the top three products that appear in the shopping results within universal search, taking the time to master effective optimisation of the feed is essential if capturing traffic from universal search and increasing revenue is desired. Users do search within the Shopping Tab of course; the vast majority don’t however, so ranking in positions 1, 2 and 3 should be what you are aiming for.

So, how to optimise a Google Base Feed?

Fill your feed with relevant attributes, there is no limit to how many attribute you can include. The more elements you include the better. Include; product name, product description, price, an image of the product, the product material, product type, size, colour, condition, the product id, the brand name, method of payment accepted…whatever is relevant to you and your products. As of May 3rd Unique Product Identifiers will be a required field for most categories and on June 6th Shipping Information will also be a requirement otherwise feeds may be rejected. More information on this can be found here

As standard including the brand name within the product description is a good idea, as well as the product name. For products which have an unusual name with little search volume, some keyword research is advisable. A good example would be, a well known fashion brand that names it’s handbags after celebrities. Few people will be searching for ‘the Alexa’ rather more might be searching for ‘brown leather clutch bag’.

Insert a tracking URL so that you get visibility on the keywords users are using to reach your products.

You can then use analytics to continually tweak the descriptions in the feed.

Update the feed on a regular basis to ensure it never expires, weekly is recommended

Finally, make sure there are no errors in the feed.

Google Base is fantastic for capturing traffic at the tail end of the buying cycle. Users already know what they are looking for, they can clearly see the product, its price and who is selling it. If they click through, conversion is high so spending time optimising Google Base can really pay off.

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