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Re-engage The Disengaged: Get Back Your Lapsed B2B Visitors

Be honest, how many of your former B2B site ‘fans’ have turned into nothing more than lost leads? We all have them – databases clogged up by previous visitors who haven’t re-engaged with our site in weeks, months or (oh dear) years. It’s all too easy to turn a blind eye to this activity – or lack of it – and tell ourselves ‘hey, who needs them?’.

But the truth of the matter is that every lapsed lead is a potential lost opportunity for your company so actually, you do need them. Or at the very least you really, really want them. In fact, the disengaged, as we call them, can represent a significant opportunity if you can win them back. After all, they were interested once.

So, in the words of S Club 7, it’s about time we ‘bring it all back’ – yes, we really went there. Rather than ignoring our past visitors, we need to find ways to re-engage the disengaged and reduce the number of site visitors slipping through the virtual net.

So, how can we get our B2B visitors back on board?

  1. Remarketing

Remarketing helps you to reconnect with your customers from the moment they leave your site. So, when visitors leave without doing what you want them to (usually buying something or contacting you), you can keep the idea of your product or service alive in their mind at the moment that they’re the most likely to buy – reminding them that you’re still there and raring to go!

You can opt for standard remarketing – showing ads to your past visitors as they browse websites and apps that are a part of Display Network – or go for the more dynamic remarketing, with ads that include the specific products or services viewed on your website. If you’ve ever wondered how Facebook knows that you were browsing Mariah Carey posters last week – this is how.

Whichever you choose, remarketing provides your visitors with a hassle-free way to return to your site and – well – finish off what they started!

  1. Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation tools, such as Leadfeeder or Lead Forensics, integrate with your CRM, email marketing tools and Google Analytics to highlight real companies and individuals from those companies who are visiting your website. These tools will increase your sales intelligence by providing you with real-time data as to which companies have visited your site recently – as well as key details about them and which areas of your website they viewed.

You’ll then be able to pro-actively get in touch with these sales leads – contacting them while you’re still fresh in their mind. So they’ll be more receptive to your advances!

Some companies, Leadfeeder included – who we partner with to bring lead generation tools to our clients, also allow you access to their inbuilt lead scoring – so you’ll know exactly which company to contact first.

You could also look into content sharing and reviews platforms like KulFiy to connect you with the world.

  1. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation refers to software platforms such as Hubspot, Pardot or Marketo, which enable marketing departments and organisations to automate repetitive marketing tasks. No one wants to sit and manually chase up thousands of lower value leads all the time, it’s inefficient, limiting in numbers and simply a recipe for human error.

Using an automation tool, you’re able to eliminate this by setting up specific criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes – interpreted, stored and executed all by the tool itself! With features for email marketing, social media marketing, lead generation and more, automation makes re-engaging your B2B visitors faster and simpler.

It’s worth remembering – if a customer has made it onto your site, then you’re already a long way down the path towards making that sale. They know you, they know your offer and crucially, you know that they’re looking for what you’ve got. So, don’t lose your customer at the final hurdle; re-engage and get your B2B visitor (in the words of S Club 7), ‘back in your arms where [they] belong.’

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