Google AdWords Click-To-Text Message Extension to go Live – Digital Marketing Roundup

Optimizing visuals will become even more key

Nowadays, visual-centric technologies are taking huge presence in our lives. Augmented, virtual and mixed reality are providing more immersive experiences, that bring new ways of communication for us. So what does this mean for SEO?

Visual technologies point to a future of search that makes …

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AdWords Price Extensions on Desktop – Digital Marketing Roundup

Webmaster recommendations about the mobile first index are on the way

We have already covered the topic of Google’s mobile-first index in the previous roundup; a new implementation that will look primarily at mobile content instead of desktop.

This has brought many questions to the surface for webmasters, so Google has …

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Google´s Mobile-First Indexing – Digital Marketing Roundup

Google’s mobile-first indexing

Google is testing its mobile-first index, which is meant to look primarily at mobile content rather than desktop.

Google has explained that there are more mobile searches than desktop searches on a daily basis, but when evaluating the page’s ranking, it checks the desktop version of a website. …

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Content Keywords Feature is out of Google Search Console – Digital Marketing Roundup

New Features in Google My Business

Google is continuing its process of adding new features to Google My Business, and in this case, it concerns the new settings for business notification.

Now, the system allows users to configure when and how (i.e. email, mobile or both) they prefer to get notifications, regarding …

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10 Productivity Tools that Power Our Agency


It won’t be shocking for you to know that as a digital marketing agency, we spend a lot of time on computers, tablets, and phones. To make our lives easier and our work more efficient, we use a tonne of different tools and apps that we’ve become pretty dependent …

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Mobile is all about Location Location Location!

Paid Search

As the age old Real Estate aphorism goes it’s all about Location, Location, Location!

With “Advertising spend at £23.12 per mobile internet user in the UK in 2012” (eMarketer, 2013), “smart phone sales at 491.4 million units in 2011” (IDC, 2012), and “45% of internet users using mobile phones to …

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Responsive Web Design, Dedicated Mobile Site or Mobile App – How to Choose?

Mobile vs Desktop User Projections, 2007 - 2015

More than ever people are accessing content on the move, with mobile devices fast becoming our primary way of accessing information.

If you want people to buy your products, use your service, locate you or contact you, a mobile optimized website has arguably become the best tool available.

But there’s still …

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Mobile – The Growth Of Online

If Search = Money… We’d Want To Be Found?

The internet has made us an information hungry generation, and for the past 12-15 years has changed the way we do everything in our everyday lives. Our need to ‘find’ the information we are looking for on the internet has lead …

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SEO for mobiles

Mobile search is big and getting bigger fast. It already accounts for 10% of all Google’s search traffic and this is on course to rise to 16% by the end of 2011. This rapid growth shows no signs of slowing with some suggesting that mobile search will in fact …

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Apple VS Google in the mobile advertising market

British mobile users will soon have to align themselves to a tech giant, as both Google and Apple are setting their sights on the lucrative mobile advertising market.

Google boss Eric Schmidt recently announced the company will be following a “mobile-first approach” and prioritising investment in a rapidly growing sector …

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