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‘Why should I pay to promote my own brand? After all I am already showing at the top of the search results. I don’t need to waste money on a brand PPC campaign”.

As a digital marketer this is a comment one often hears from clients. And it’s a fair enough objection too. After all one would easily assume that showing up at the top of the organic search results would be enough to promote their brand and drive sales to the maximum.

Well, there are actually a few good reasons why it makes sense to run a PPC campaign bidding on branded keywords. Here they are:

It’s better to have two links to your page than one

Your brand is showing at the top of the organic search results, why not showing a paid search link on top of it? You’ll dominate search results occupying the first two spots instead of just one. The PPC link will not cannibalise the organic one. If anything two links will bring more traffic to your site than just one.

Competitors might do it

Just as simple as that. Your competitor could decide to show above organic search results through paid search by bidding on your brand, and thus stealing traffic to your site. That’s another reason for bidding on your brand terms too.

Strategic reasons – Assert Your Brand

Think of all the best brands in any industry, they will all show at the top for both organic and paid search. It’s about sending a message out there. It’s about being first in all results.

Promote special offers through a paid search result and drive users to a specific page

In a paid search ad you can control exactly what you say and you get to choose the landing page too. You can promote a special offer and lead users to a specific page.

Users searching a brand have stronger intention to convert and cpc’s are usually low

Brand keywords usually have a low cpc and are quite inexpensive. On top of that, the buying intention of someone searching a brand is generally much stronger than that of someone searching through a generic keyword. Brand PPC campaigns are easy sales that you don’t want to miss out on.

Brand keywords are an important step in the conversion path

Users will often begin their search for a product with a generic query and finally search the brand once they have made up their mind and are ready to buy. You definitely want to make sure your brand presence is a strong as possible in that moment.

Still not convinced it’s the right thing for your company? Just give it a try and see if it works for you. Create your brand campaign and run it for a month.

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