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How to Use Buyer Personas in Your Digital Marketing

Buyer personas help to improve the relevance of your digital marketing campaigns across organic, paid and earned media.

Below you are going to find out how.

Defining buyer personas will keep you focused on addressing customer needs instead of what you think your customers need to hear.


Too often marketers use their gut feeling to make assumptions about their customers.

As a result, they use corporate-speak and buzzwords that don’t really mean anything to their customers.

While the internet provides an incredible opportunity for even small businesses to connect with large audiences, it has also created a very crowded space.

If you want to remain relevant in today’s busy marketplace, you must find a unique way to stand out.

We believe that in order to win your customers’ hearts, you first need to understand their MINDs.

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What are Buyer Personas?

A buyer persona is a detailed description of your target customer.

This includes an understanding of who they are, what they like and value and what motivates them, but also what they perceive as barriers to buying from you.

The digital personas we build at Digivate are not hypothetical or fictional characters, they are real people, rooted in real data. 

MIND persona audiences are receptive, predictable and profitable.

What are Buyer Personas Used for?

Buyer personas are used to create better sales pages, better blog posts, better emails, and ad campaigns. And in turn, allow businesses to enjoy much higher conversion rates.

Why are Buyer Personas so Important in Modern Marketing?

Buyer personas are important because it’s difficult to cut through the clutter in an age of information overload.

The more specific and personalised your marketing is, the easier it is to actually get people’s attention.

In other words, personalised marketing is the key to your marketing success. And buyer personas lie at the heart of any personalised marketing strategy.

Below we look at how we use buyer personas in our SEO services, PPC management, content marketing and social media advertising.

How to Use Buyer Personas to Improve SEO

Buyer personas are the most underused SEO asset and often the missing piece of your SEO strategy.


Because buyer personas will help you to create problem-solution content.

Many businesses don’t know what the purpose of SEO content is because they don’t know their customers’ problems.

So, their content can’t help their customers.

You can use buyer personas to create problem-solution content that both addresses your customers’ frustrations and provides them with an instant solution to that problem (which is your product or service).


We use buyer personas to expand our keyword research from outside the typical industry-based keywords to include additional search phrases that may not be directly related to your products or services, but what your products or services can help with.

Example of generic search phrase: “send money to Australia service”

Example of persona-driven search phrase: “how to check if online money transfer company is trustworthy”

Companies often miss important questions like the above when developing SEO strategies and as a result miss out on valuable traffic.

We’ve seen that using persona keyword data in our SEO strategies helps to reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.

How to Use Buyer Personas to Improve PPC

All our PPC campaigns address at least 1 of our buyer persona’s goals or needs.

We often create dozens of campaigns with different messages and formats, targeting different types of people on all suitable platforms.

This type of personalisation makes it easier for us to get customer attention and improve conversions for our clients.

Our unique MIND buyer persona research allows for incredibly detailed targeting options, where we can truly personalise our ads at scale.


Your buyer personas’ goals are important even if they don’t relate specifically to your product’s features.

These buyer needs can form the basis of your top-funnel campaign, which helps you to get in front of your audience before your competition.

Buyer personas will help to hone your ad messaging, tone of voice, creative, define the most suitable advertising platforms and determine the best times of the day to advertise.

We’ve seen that without thorough buyer persona research, it would be difficult to come up with appropriate non-service-related terms your target audience is actually searching for when they are trying to find your service or product.

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How to Use Buyer Personas to Improve Content Marketing

Your customer needs are the foundation of your content marketing.

Once you know what makes different people buy from you, you can create better content (these are blog posts, PDF downloads for lead capture, tools, email campaigns etc)

Each persona may have a slightly different buyer journey and messaging they relate to, which we take into account when building integrated content marketing strategies.

At Digivate, we make sure that our content is mapped to your sales funnel (also called buyer journey) and that the content is intertwined with SEO keywords.

In sales and marketing, content mapping is a term that refers to the process of mapping marketing content to each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Content mapping involves strategically crafted marketing materials that drive customers to take a particular action.

Content mapping is an essential part of lead nurturing.

We consider what your target audience wants to achieve during awareness, consideration and action stages.


How to Use Buyer Personas to Improve Social Media Advertising

Our MIND buyer personas will save you a lot of time and money running test campaigns that try to figure out your ideal audiences.

With us, you’ll already have the customer data needed for audience segmentation.

Thanks to our unique persona building process, you will already be equipped with the following information when you start your paid social campaign:

  1.   What formats will your target audience be most responsive to?
  2.   What key messages should you include in the creative?
  3.   What are the key demographics, associations and interests of your target audience?
  4.   What time of day your ideal customer is more likely to be online?

We can help you craft paid social campaigns to target each persona.


For example:

If you know that Digital Executive Dave takes the bus to work at 8.15 am, you can make an informed assumption that this persona will be checking their social media profiles on their way to work.

From here, you could run relevant social ads between 8 am-9 am on a weekday targeting this persona.

One more thing:

In social media you really have two target audiences:

a) End-users

b) Promoters

End-users are those people who would benefit from your product or service.

Promoters are people and influencers, who share and engage with your content, helping you to amplify our reach organically and, as a result – reach new people that you may have never otherwise reached.

PRO TIP! Getting in front of influencers’ audiences organically will help with more efficient paid social effort, as the leads are already ‘warmed up’.

In order to grow your audience on social media platforms, you need to create content for both audiences – end-users and promoters.

The more entertaining or insightful your content is, the more people will share it.

To appeal to ‘promoters’, we recommend having a good mix of brand-related and entertaining content.


Whether you’re developing a paid search campaign, organic SEO strategy, or simply crafting social media content, all successful marketing starts with understanding your target audience.

We understand the complex nature of consumer behaviour. We can make your marketing more effective by tailoring your message to the right audience on the right channel.

We can also join all aspects of marketing (across owned, paid, earned media) to achieve a common business goal.

Integrated marketing ensures that all messaging and customer experiences are unified, consistent and centred around the customer’s needs.

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