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MIND is our digital marketing framework.

Imagine you could speak to every single one of your prospects individually, understand their needs and motivations and prepare a personalised pitch for them. We have no doubt that you’d get their buy-in.

That’s what mind is. A personalised, full-service digital marketing engine that uses digital personas to target your perfect customer, speaks directly to their needs and works to convert them into customers. Whether it’s with a paid ad on Google, a blog post on a hot topic or a whitepaper on LinkedIn, we are specialists at getting your customer’s attention.

It’s persona marketing on steroids.

Digivate Mind Approach

Get to know your customers like never before

The mind approach has empathy at its core. We believe that in order to win your customers’ hearts, you first need to understand their minds.

Your customers are the most important stakeholders in your business - so they should be at the centre of all of your marketing.

We built the mind framework because we think the customer research process is flawed. Agencies are building “set it and forget it” personas that are never actually used effectively in their marketing activities. We do better.

Our unique customer-first strategies help our clients to target thousands of users with personalised messages and convert them into loyal advocates of their brand.

How it works

Core to mind is the segmentation of your target customers into like-minded groups or ‘digital personas’. We use digital personas for two things:


How it works

To identify where your audience are active online


How it works

To sculpt the messaging that best speaks to their needs and motivations

How we deliver a MIND strategy

The MIND approach

  • We target real people based on data – we start with a hypothesis and iterate it until we are targeting users on an individual level.
  • Our channel work is fully integrated, and our digital personas are the thread running through your SEO, Content, PPC and Paid Social activity.
  • We mirror & reflect your audience’s own beliefs back at them to get their attention and emphasise the benefits for them.
  • MIND persona is an ever-evolving asset – we constantly iterate our persona using real customer data. People change. So do your personas.

Other approaches

  • Most persona strategies use a ‘one size fits all’ approach or target fictional characters that they made up in a brainstorm session.
  • Agencies deliver SILO’ed approaches, with PPC, SEO and Social all doing their own thing, never looking to each other for greater insight.
  • Most approaches use single-tone messaging and ‘standard business language’ to talk about features, not benefits.
  • Personas are often seen as a “Set it and forget it” asset that is never used to its full potential.

Ready to read your customer’s minds?

Let us help you reach your goals with the power of digital.

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