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There can be little doubt that improving a site visibility on search engine ranking pages consumes the main bulk of SEO’s time and effort. Some say there is no such thing as bad publicity; I am not too confident the same can be said about search visibility.

It’s increasingly likely companies and brands will feel the sharp edge of the sword, as grumpy employees or critical customers reach for the keyboard and take advantage of the simplistic process of publishing (potentially damaging) content on to the net.

Negative references within search results pages can have significant impact on businesses and brands no matter how big or small. Reputations online can be as fickle as in real-life, and there are places to keep tabs on for any negative referencing, such as Google alerts, RSS feeds and social media tabs.

It is about enforcing a position of control whereby the positives of a company/brand occupy the immediate eyesight of potential customers and clients, in place of negative results.

Negative search results aren’t strictly limited to standard searches either, as blog search engines, video publishing sites like YouTube, social news sites such as Reddit and Digg as well as news sites can be affected too.

These social media platforms, as well as the introduction of social networking pages like Facebook, and Twitter,

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