Reader’s Digest

The largest paid circulation magazine in the world founded in 1922.

The problem

Reader’s Digest has been published in the UK since 1938 but it wasn’t until 2011 when the company decided to grow print subscriptions through online areas and accelerate e-commerce sales for Reader’s Digest’s books, CDs and DVDs.

Digivate was appointed to increase online sales using paid advertising.

The mind approach

After analysing visitor behaviour on the website, it was evident that most customers weren’t even aware of the existence of the online store (which was a separate website).

The challenge was to make visitors, who are looking for the magazine, aware of the online shop without rebuilding the whole website.

To make an online shop more apparent, we built a dedicated landing page for our PPC brand campaign. The page was split into two sections – “magazine subscriptions” and “online shop”. This meant that when users landed on the page searching for the magazine they could still easily click through to the appropriate website, but they were now also made aware of the online store.