Google/Universal Analytics and Voice of your Customer

Google/Universal Analytics (GA/UA) is the foundation for your digital strategy. The data you extract from it must be reliable, accurate and insightful.

Our analytics team has over 10 years experience setting up GA/UA, reporting and helping companies turn data into actionable insight. They can offer guidance and support from quick fixes to full planning and installation.

Measurement and data strategy

Are you collecting…

  • the data you need?
  • clean data?
  • data to drive insights?
  • data using valid/up-to-date tracking code?

By working with us, you will understand the full power of what Google/Universal Analytics (GA/UA) can do for you and make the most of the data you see from GA/UA. We want to make sure that you are taking full advantage of the measurement opportunities that are available to you.

We will take an in-depth look at your current GA/UA set-up, audit it and give you a summary report detailing the improvements we recommend along with clear instructions on what actions you have to take.

Google/Universal Analytics Consultancy

Gaps in your data needn’t be inevitable. Custom measurement solutions can bring in data from:

  • Your bricks and mortar stores
  • Call tracking
  • Your apps
  • Your customer services team

Most data sources can either be tracked, uploaded or integrated with Google/Universal Analytics (GA/UA).

Gaps in your data can be opportunities for insight we can help bridge.

Dashboards and Visualisation

What to do with all that data?  Making your data accessible to all stakeholders will speed up analysis and action.  

From bespoke tables, calculations and graphing we can help you make sense of your data.

Ecommerce Analytics

Enhanced Ecommerce reports empower ecommerce retailers.  Previously all you’ve had was the data after a transaction took place, now you can monitor the entire lifecycle from landing on your website to as far as refunds.

Using Google Tag Manager (we also provide implementing this as a service) our analytics team will turn your website analytics package into a fully bespoke ecommerce analytics package.  

Installing Enhanced Ecommerce means that you get a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and a huge amount of additional consumer insight focused around revenue performance.

  • Shopping cart behavior – see how many times a product has been added to the cart and how many time it has been removed. You’ll see which items have potential that is not getting realised
  • Product views (impressions) – See how many times a product has been viewed and therefore how consumers are engaging with your products
  • Track promotion and coupons – This feature allows you to easily answer whether your promotional activities are successful.  Are coupon codes helping revenue?
  • Customer journey and checkout funnel – You could segment your audience based on which step they completed. how many visits resulted in a product being added to the basket? Or where are users dropping out of the journey? This provides a more accessible version of the original ‘horizontal funnel’ to give you insight into the behavior of visitors across the site.  

Tag Management

Tag Management has moved beyond an admin tool to a true extension of your analytics package which can help you capture data that may otherwise be unavailable to you (or at least incredibly difficult or tedious to extract).

In admin terms tag management allows you to:

  • Upgrade analytics incredibly quickly
  • Implement analytics (and pretty much any other tag or tool that you want to use on your site) incredibly quickly
  • Implement tools and tagging with minimal input required from IT (no development queues or clogging up your IT department)
  • Easily debug (to make sure your data is clean)
  • Easily roll back to any previous version of your configuration

Beyond Google Analytics – Customer Insights Package

Google/Universal Analytics (GA/UA) can tell you the where, when and the how much.  What about the why? Extend the insights you get from qualitative analytics by using our expertise.

Our rolling monthly measurements and insights package is a great fit for anyone who doesn’t have the traffic levels or budget for a full programme of split-testing.

It’s a dynamic programme, by which the monthly topics we research can change.  Our team has experience across a wide range of optimisation tools available and can guide you through a host of other insight and voice of customer technologies to give you the qualitative insights that will help drive your brand forward.

  • We start with an overhaul of your analytics, do a healthcheck and get measurement delivering as many insights as possible, ensuring GA/UA is being utilised as much as possible.
  • We then introduce research pieces based on the data we get back from analytics and other data sources.  (The point is that measurement comes first, then we gather insight, the rest of the process is led by these fundamental steps.)

We use the data, Voice Of Customer (VOC) and evidence to lead the process NOT opinion.  That’s not to say that opinion does not come into it.  For low traffic sites we would initially rely on heuristic analysis – our subjective view of the opportunities on the site based on our experience.  We would also welcome your input about any ideas you have.


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