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Junior Content & Social Media Executive | Digital Jobs

This job post is now closed. Please do not use the form on this page as it is no longer active. Please check our website regularly for job posts in the future. Thank you.


We’re a specialist, award-winning digital agency famed for designing, building, maintaining, optimising and promoting websites with our unique MIND approach.

Job Description:

This is a new, full-time position for a Junior Content & Social Media Executive.

The role will involve working alongside the SEO, Content and the wider digital marketing team across a wide range of clients projects including e-commerce, global and local digital marketing campaigns. 

You will be the architect of our clients’ content and social media strategies. You will perform audience and persona research, create content/editorial calendars and map out content ideas against our clients’ business needs. 

You must understand customer journeys (both on-site and off-site) and have a deep interest in user behaviour, and be willing to learn what drives users to engage with content. 

Your copywriting skills must be exceptional, and your attention to detail when editing content must be sharp. 

Day-to-day deliverables will include building content calendars, conceptualising content strategies, performing link research, engaging influencers, executing content audits, creating content, writing blogs, scheduling social media posts, and outlining outreach strategies to get our content shared.

What the job will entail

  • Designing content calendars across numerous social channels
  • Writing and scheduling social media posts
  • Creating and optimising content for our clients’ websites
  • Copywriting for new brands and websites
  • Engaging with social media influencers
  • Data mining Google Analytics for actionable findings.
  • Conducting in-depth keyword research strategies and turning them into actionable content projects
  • Reverse engineering successful competitor content strategies.
  • Executing client work in a timely manner and to an excellent standard.
  • Communicating effectively to both clients and the team.
  • Continuing to learn and develop your knowledge of SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media, whilst sharing any new knowledge with the team

Required Experience & Skills

  • Proven knowledge of Social Media and Content Marketing
  • Experience creating engaging blog or social media content for a brand (any size)
  • Clear understanding of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn organic platforms
  • Excellent written English
  • A creative flair, with a love of coming up with new ideas.
  • Highly personable and great with people
  • A love of all things digital
  • Highly curious: always looking for how to improve
  • Great with prioritisation or experience working in any fast-paced environment
  • Experience in proofreading and editing
  • Some experience working with social media influencers (no matter how small!)
  • Proficient in CMS platforms such as WordPress

Not Required but desirable:

  • Familiarity with aspects of the wider digital marketing mix such as; PPC, Social Media and other paid media strategies. 
  • Content creation skills outside of writing are also a plus, experience with Photoshop or similar will be seen as a huge plus
  • Experience with Google Analytics
  • Experience with link building and outreach
  • Email marketing knowledge


For this role, based on experience we are offering £21,000 – £26,000

We are driven by empathy

We are the digital agency with mind at heart. Empathy is our core value. We apply empathetic thinking to everything we do – from our marketing strategies to how we treat our team.

We believe that these 3 pillars motivate each one of us:

  • Autonomy: Our desire to direct our own lives. In short: “You probably want to do something interesting, let me get out of your way!”
  • Mastery: Our urge to get better at things we like to do.
  • Purpose: The feeling and intention that we can make a difference in the world.

At Digivate, our goal is to create a work environment in which all of us can thrive. We want to empower our team by making sure they know what to do and why they’re doing it.

we mind

People with different cultures, perspectives and experiences are at the heart of the way Digivate works. We want to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people, regardless of their background.

We seek to develop a work environment where we treat all employees as individuals, fairly and in a consistent way. We strive to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere and promote culture of respect, actively challenging discrimination should it ever arise.

We go out of our way to remove unnecessary barriers for our employees seeking opportunities through training and development, promotion and career planning.






Oh and we’ve got perks too

Every member of our team is entitled to our usual package of perks and benefits:

  • Unlimited holiday days
    Play hard, work hard
  • Flexible working
    Want to start earlier, so you can leave earlier? No problem
  • Day off on your birthday
    Nobody wants to work on their birthday
  • HealthShield
    Get cashback on various medical and wellness treatments
  • Working from home whenever you need to
    It’s about results, not presenteeism
  • Contributory pension scheme
    Invest in your future
  • Free parties
    We love to socialise! Even while we work remotely, we meet up monthly and unwind.
  • Access to our infinite library of books
    Want a book? We’ll get it for you

How does the role work during Covid-19?

We all know that the world is upside down at the moment – but that won’t stop us from finding the brightest talent.

We’re looking for a new team member despite the fact that our team is working remotely at the moment.

We’ll make sure you’re all set up to work from home, have clear, consistent contact with the team, and that you get to know your team just like you would if we were in the office.

We have a team across 3 different countries, and have always run meetings/training via video calls. Working from wherever you want is the future!