red-quotesI’ve known Digivate for a while now and they’ve come in and delivered amazing value specifically a substantial increase in conversions through our website. We have seen sales grow year on year. That speaks for itself.
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Working closely with experts in lead generation and telemarketing services Virtual Sales Limited (VSL), Digivate provided the company with its strongest ever search presence in search engine results.

We increased page one keyword rankings for all their key services and terms, and are constantly working towards improving their positions on high competition keywords including ‘telemarketing services’ and ‘telemarketing company’.

Ranking highlights 2016

Below are some of the most recent ranking highlights achieved in the campaign:

  • Telemarketing: #2 and #3
  • Telesales: #2
  • Telemarketing services: #1
  • Telemarketing company: #3
  • Telemarketing companies #2
  • Appointment setting services: #2

The Challenge

Virtual Sales came to Digivate looking to improve their search presence after seeing a sharp decline in sessions, with no sign of recovery.


Upon investigating, we quickly realised that vast amounts of high performing content had been removed from the site.

VSL explained that they had actually been advised to remove the vast majority of blog content from their site – in order to improve conversions.

Because this content had acquired a great deal of backlinks and social shares, it was in fact supporting the sites’ organic rankings. The content itself also been performing well, driving substantial amounts of traffic to the site either through high search volume terms or long tail terms.

The result of removing this content meant that VSL’s organic traffic had fallen sharply, leading to a fall in lead generation via the web.

Digivate’s Solution

Using the way back machine, Digivate was able to locate and restore this valuable content, further optimising it in the process. This immediately started driving results, with the domain reclaiming most of its traffic within 3-4 months.


Working alongside VSL, we also created new content for the blog and helped improve the user experience across the site, utilising CRO best practices to increase site conversions by 147%.

This onsite work improved keyword targeting, distributed link equity across the site more efficiently, and improved user experience – all of which positively impacted rankings, traffic, leads and ROI.

Digivate helped VSL to its strongest ever search presence with page one keyword rankings for all their key terms, including the most sought after industry terms such as ‘telemarketing services’ and ‘telemarketing company’. And we are still helping them grow today.

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