Spotlight Recruitment

The leading marketing recruitment agency in the UK.

The problem 

Spotlight Recruitment website attracted a lot of jobseekers, but not enough companies looking to recruit for roles in particular verticals.

Digivate was tasked to increase the number of business leads in desired verticals.

mind approach

After the initial website audit, we identified 3 areas of improvement:

  • To increase search visibility for key lead generation pages

To achieve that, we improved the content, internal linking and increased the number and quality of external backlinks.

  • To improve technical SEO and the site’s overall health

We removed duplicate content and consolidated thin pages, improved metadata and increased the site speed.

  • To create a content strategy aimed at helping a defined target audience

We analysed Google Analytics data to understand how our target audience behaves online and how do they interact with the website.We also conducted in-depth keyword research to understand the biggest problems hiring managers in certain verticals are struggling with to create a content strategy that meets the demand and drives traffic that converts. The purpose of the content strategy was also to support and link to the main lead generation pages to increase their Page Rank, leading to better search visibility.