Facebook Marketing

With 33 million accounts in the UK, Facebook is by far the most popular social network and as such it provides businesses with significant opportunities to reach out and engage with both current and potential customers. Facebook also represents a great opportunity for international expansion.

Utilising this powerful public resource safely and effectively is not as easy it seems and it is vital to use best practice and keep up with the latest changes and techniques. Many brands have failed to understand the true nature of Facebook and its role in the customer’s decision-making process. As a result, even when there is a cohesive social media strategy, campaigns are often flawed and fail to realise their potential due to tactical weaknesses.

Digivate’s social media marketing team have a wide range of experience with organic and paid Facebook campaigns and have worked with both new and established brands of all kinds to grow a genuine, engaged Facebook readership. Real Facebook marketing is about driving and maintaining engagement with people who come back for more and go on to buy products or services.

With proper, strategic and integrated Facebook marketing services Digivate can help you grow your audience, engage with your community and bring interested customers to your website to buy.

Facebook marketing services include:

  • Campaign and page management to drive engagement and growth
  • Page development
  • Strategy development
  • Shareable content crafted for your Facebook audience
  • Facebook App development
  • Facebook paid for services (advertising and sponsored posts, integrated with organic campaigns)
  • Campaign consulting

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