Rianna Henry

Rianna Henry SEO & Content Marketing

If “books raise you in ways your parents cannot” is Rianna’s mantra, no wonder her zeal for reading propelled her into professional writing, and right into Digivate’s content team!

A wordsmith with meticulous attention to detail, Rianna produces compelling content for our client group. In today’s competitive market, there is an ever-growing appetite for valuable content, and Rianna thrives on the fact that businesses cannot survive without it! Not only does she relish utilising her creative flair to build a community of loyal customers, brand authority and boost SEO results for our clients, but she loves being the fuel and infrastructure of various businesses, bridging gaps and helping them reach their full potential. As a thorough employee, she is always discovering new strategies to enhance the Content Marketing department, ensuring excellence and that no brand is left behind.

From a varied academic background with experience in PR and journalism, Rianna studied a degree in English & Professional & Creative Writing at St Mary’s University to explore and stretch her creativity, broaden her analytical skills, and became an all-round, proficient writer. For Rianna, content creation goes beyond words on a page; she is motivated by the challenge to influence the thoughts of others by communicating her knowledge and ideas to the world.

Aside from being our content guru, she is talented in writing for stage and screen, and is a winning writer for Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writer’s Festival, and was a member of BBC Eastenders Writers’ School.

Outside of work, you might find her at the theatre, a gig, or in a bar sipping on a Pornstar Martini.

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