The following list is a set of tasks we like our interns to achieve whilst at Digivate, designed to give some structure to your internship and to maximise your personal performance. These can be discussed and reviewed during your 1 to 1 sessions.

1. Keyword Research

Keywords are the cornerstone of PPC, and keyword research is a critical skill for PPC managers. It can also take a lot of time to do. Produce a list of keywords for a campaign or number of campaigns. Run them by an account manager and ask for feedback.

Skills learned: PPC fundamentals.

2. Search Query Reports

Search query reports go hand in hand with keyword research – it’s a necessary task, but can be quite time consuming. Download a search query report and identify potential positive and negative keywords.

Skills learned: PPC fundamentals.

3. Budget Pacing Tracking

PPC budget tracking is a necessary but often time-consuming task. More common in the agency world, but also found in in-house PPC, managing PPC spend to a budget can be tricky.

Take a look at the daily budget report and note down the amount spent for that day for each account. Look at forecast spend and point out of any budget adjustments need to be made or any discrepancies in the data.

Skills learned: PPC fundamentals.

4. Competitor Research

Staying on top of PPC competitors can feel like a full-time job. Again, tools can help with this, but reports still need to be reviewed, and actual SERPs need to be checked.

Use tools such as SEMRush to analyse competitors. Also run AdWords Auction Insights reports on a regular basis. Not only are the individual reports helpful, but look for changes over time – insight that can help predict or forestall a competitor strike.

Skills learned: Search marketing fundamentals.

5. Ad Copy Test Ideas

Find an account where the ads need refreshing and brainstorm new ideas for ad copy. Remember, there are very few bad ideas when it comes to ad copy – as long as it’s true and relevant, it’s probably worth testing. Check back in a few weeks’ time to see how the new ads have performed.

Skills learned: PPC fundamentals and creative yet concise thinking.

6. Reporting

Reporting can be the bane of a PPC manager’s existence, especially in the agency world. The first few days of the month can be consumed by reporting tasks, even with automation tools.

Take a look at how we produce monthly reports for clients here at Digivate. Start by downloading the data from Adwords and check the data is correct. The PPC manager can help with the insight and analysis.

Skills learned: Clear communication of data and insight.

7. Write a Blog

We like to have regular PPC blog posts on the Digivate website. Write a blog about something PPC related and get it published.

Skills learned: Creative & writing.

8. Get Adwords Certified

At the end of your 3 months it would be great for you to have something in paper to show for it. Get Google certified.

Skills learned: PPC fundamentals.


Jessica Baaphy The internship I undertook at Digivate was the birth of my digital marketing career, and gave me a solid platform to develop my knowledge of digital marketing. Over the course of my 3 month internship, I learnt highly effective marketing strategies and techniques, assisted with various projects such as writing Adwords copy, optimising blog posts, scheduling social posts and much more.

I was supported brilliantly by the Digivate team, who constantly steered me in the right direction, and encouraged me to develop my strengths within the digital marketing sector.

Jessica Baaphy

Tom Channell I worked on the SEO, PPC and social teams during my time at Digivate. I was given a huge amount of exposure to all elements of digital marketing which gave me a lot of experience in the industry.

My time at Digivate confirmed to me that I would like to pursue a career in SEO and was lucky enough to be offered a job here. I’ve loved every minute and would recommend anyone considering doing an internship to apply here!

Tom Channell

Rosamunde Wells I’ve learnt so much in my time at Digivate; the team are so friendly and have gone out of their way to help me learn all I can. It’s a great experience and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s willing to put the hard work in.

I’ve learnt how to implement extensive outreach campaigns for a variety of clients including guest posting and email, and devised and analysed SEO campaigns including keyword research, back link profiles and on-site optimisation.

Rosamunde Wells

Justin Cole In my three months as an intern at Digivate, I worked on the PPC team; helping the account managers with their various clients. I enjoyed the variety of tasks I was asked to do; from writing ad copy to keyword research and budget reporting.

There was always something new to get myself stuck into! The team were always supportive and available when I needed a helping hand. The experience has definitely taught me loads and given me firsthand experience in the world of online marketing for the near future! I’d definitely do it again if I could!

Justin Cole

Elizabeth Mason The internship experience at Digivate was both rewarding and challenging, whilst opening up the world of Digital Marketing to me. The team here were so friendly and really made it a learning opportunity as opposed to simply juggling making teas and coffees with photocopying and shredding. From day one I was actively involved and able to work on a variety of exciting topics, with no question too big or small.

The advantage of taking part in an internship in a small company allowed me to mould my own learning experiences, drawing knowledge from areas of interest. I always felt part of a stimulating and vibrant team and there was never a dull day!

Elizabeth Mason

Richard Hanrahan I owe a great deal to the Digivate internship program. Over its 3 month duration I was taught extensively about all facets of SEO and social media with the team providing me with all the knowledge I needed to perform as an SEO and Social media Executive.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a position once the internship had finished; and I have now been with Digivate for nearly 3 years. I would recommend the internship program to absolutely anyone wanting to break into online marketing.

Richard Hanrahan

Hayley Watson Joining Digivate straight after finishing my degree in Multimedia Journalism, I didn’t really know what to expect! However, the flexibility of the internship allowed me to pursue my interests in content marketing and social media, alongside SEO. This helped me to gain a combination of skills that allow me to successfully manage my clients today.

Overall the internship set me up well for my current role as an Account Manager, despite not coming from a Marketing background. The atmosphere at Digivate really does make working here a pleasure, and I’m proud to be part of such a great team.

Hayley Watson

Matt Stratford My internship at Digivate was an extremely valuable experience. My internship was focussed on PPC and to have the opportunity to be given exposure to Google Adwords accounts right from the first day was both interesting and rewarding.

Being integrated into one of the team so quickly was one of the main reasons I felt Digivate became a family to me rather than a company. The team was extremely supportive and helped me transition into the digital marketing industry with ease. I was lucky enough to be offered a role at Digivate after my 3-month internship and have progressed since.

Matt Stratford