Angelica Olszewska

Angelica Olszewska Head of CRO

A graduate of History of Art, Angelica wrote her final dissertation on visual perception and psychology. Combined with her keen interest in user-centred design, behaviour and graphic design, her focus on psychology and design led her to seek a role that combined her biggest passions. Conversion Rate Optimisation fit the bill perfectly.

Having spent her years at university running an online clothes shop, buying and selling vintage clothing, Angelica has always had a knack for all things e-commerce. When it comes to optimising, designing and testing concepts to get lifts for her clients, Angelica takes an open-minded approach informed by her biggest influences: Robert Cialdini, Natalie Nahai, Don Norman and Dan Ariely.

As the Head of Conversion Rate Optimisation, Angelica is here to liaise with clients about their conversion work, to deliver strategies and recommendations, and to ensure all work produced by the department meets her high conversion standards. Some have called her the Michelangelo of wireframing.

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