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Twitter has recently unleashed a wrath of restrictions to users profile which they are characteristically keeping private. Of course, some reading around and experimenting can lead us to pretty strong guesses about what they exactly are (maximum amount of tweets per hour, relevant ratio of followers to follows and a limit on the amount of activity per hour).

Twitter has made these changes in an attempt to improve the quality of service the twitter platform can provide.

Many accounts are of course spam accounts, with extreme forms of twitter behaviour such as mass follows, retweets and direct messages which infect and spoil the simple playful nature and essence of Twitter.

With the restriction on the number of people you can follow relevant to who follows you, in order to improve the follow figure of your account, emphasis must now be placed on effective campaigns which encourages people to follow your business or brand on twitter.

Quirky, simple games which are incentivised are a creative and engaging way to attract new followers, as are thoughtful and insightful tweets. The power of humour should never be underestimated.

Interaction and engagement with your followers is now even more of an important (you should obviously be doing this already) and to be seen as a responsive,

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