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Toy Story 3, the new film from animators Pixar, has become the first ‘promoted twitter trend’ on Twitter.

Promoted trending topics are restricted to one per-trending list

Although promoted tweets have been running since April, Toy Story 3 becomes the first promoted trend in the trending list which appears regardless of whether you have global or localised trending topics listed.

Once you click you are taken through to the usual stream of tweets of a trending topic, except the promoted tweet appears at the top of the steam.

It is believed Twitter’s attempt to finally monetise their platform has led them to secure deals with coffee chain Starbucks and electronics firm Best Buy.

The appearance of ‘promoted twitter trends’ is not without its critics however, as some say it is essentially a text ad seen in a space where users, not advertisers, should decide is popular.

Twitter argue the promoted tweets will be carefully measured by what they are calling ‘resonance’, and will be measured by people interacting, re-tweeting and link clicking. They say promoted tweets will be limited to one per search page.

Twitter’s blog has said: “Before we roll out more phases, we want to get a better understanding of the resonance of Promoted Tweets,

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