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PR is a critical part of any SEO campaign. Although onsite factors and a well-informed keyword model are critical to success, it is the ongoing impact of an integrated PR process that really facilitates the ability to obtain and sustain top-level valuable rankings.

So what compromises an integrated and successful PR campaign?

Timing is everything in SEO, nowhere is this truer than in the PR process. Digital PR campaigns must be consistently delivered to meet the demands of the competitive landscape for the keywords that are being targeted.  Competitive keywords require more frequent and better-executed PR campaigns to ensure that they deliver the necessary impact.

PR efforts must tap into topical industry news so that they capitalise upon the momentum of stories that already have significant interest. This means optimizing PR efforts so that they gain visibility within the SERP’s for on-topic events, stories, and other online buzz. If content is compelling, then it will stand a good chance of being referenced and further syndicated around the Internet. Simple!

This process is vital to building brand awareness online and of course in developing a natural and tailored link building process. There will be more to come regarding the online PR process in the next post.

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