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I discussed on here a few weeks back popular US clothing brand Gap’s ‘experiments’ with brand identity and the importance of branding, imagery and naming. Google now feel it is time to come out and explain their new name for their social-media friendly relation to Google Places, Google Hotspot Hotpot.

Google Hotspot Hotpot (i’ll get it right soon!) attracted attention for two core reasons; firstly, its soft, friendly and fun interface, and secondly, it’s strange name.

Hot pot, the dish, is about community. You and your friends huddle together and add ingredients to a pot of boiling broth, creating a delicious soup to be enjoyed by all. Sometimes you take your own food from the pot, and sometimes you taste what your friends have added. This shared experience of gathering around a fire to cook and eat communally is a fundamental illustration of how we’ve come together to enjoy food from the earliest days of humanity.”

Believe it or not, that extract wasn’t taken from the latest Jamie Oliver cookbook, but from the Google’s places blog.

It would seem then that there is more to the name ‘Hotpot’ than there first seems, and it isn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to Facebook’s acquisition of Hot Potato, whose founder/CEO Justin Shaffner is now in charge of Facebook Places, a direct competitor with Google Places.

If you have got this far and still unsure about Hotpot and it’s tie in with Google Places,

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