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Feeding content into Social Networks

Following on from Harry’s post on social networking and principles SEOs adhere to, a common feature on a large portion of regularly updated or authoritative websites, are plug-ins and widgits; friends if you like, of creative and share-worthy link bait.

In many ways, these widgets are a reflection of the SEO industry’s maturity over the last few years; an emphasis on building meaningful SEO content which addresses the needs of customers.

An interesting method of building this type of content is by suitably leveraging the SEO benefits social networking sites can offer a site.

The view is social networks are similar in a sense to search engines, whereby the goal is to ensure the most relevant and interesting content is displayed on top of the pile.

You may have seen numerous ‘buttons’ pop up across news, entertainment, games, e-commerce and pretty much every other type of site on the web. These buttons represent social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as social news sites including Del.ic.ous and Digg. They simple, 1-click buttons to ‘vote’ for that piece of content and transport it across these networks. If you obtain enough votes from the social network communities and you’ll find yourself famous in those circles and almost certainly beyond.

So, you have content on your site which is ‘liked’ or ‘tweeted’ and it has gone viral, popping up across the social network. Although you have achieved success in viral terms, you still haven’t necessarily succeeded in drawing people to your site.

You do not want the piece of content, which has achieved so much going viral around a social network, to remain in the confounds of that network.

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