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The first thing people will probably see when they decide to click on your Twitter page will now be your header photo, and they will judge so make it a good one!

While the internet is riddled with countless Twitter cheat sheets and header dimensions guides, the layout updates for the site have made it almost impossible to find the right one online for your carefully designed page cover photos. All that hard work ensure that the recommended 1500×500 Twitter header image is perfectly aligned to flow with your profile picture, it all goes to the bog of irrelevance.

Twitter Layout Update

Tweeple and brands have already embraced the admittedly more Facebook-eque style of their Twitter pages, and those who haven’t will be forced to conform later this month as the rulers of Twitterland change all profiles on the 28th May.

While the change – in my own humble opinion – is a good one, it does mean that your current layout has become (or will soon become) inappropriate or at least unbearably blurred and awkwardly placed as the header photo will now to dominate the top of your profile page.

Our own very (non)scientific trial and error technique, mixed with some help from other people on the internet has resulted in our own twitter cheat sheet.


Things to remember

You screen resolution plays a large part in how your header looks, and as such – we won’t be able to please everyone. For all practical purposes, and before you pass your judgement and call me a PHONY,

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