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Blogs can become a useful element of any online marketing campaign so long as a couple of rules are followed and a good amount of time is invested. Blogs can help your website get good recognition and they do have a significant importance in the eyes of search engines.

Firstly, make sure your blog is a sub folder of your domain. If it is separate to your main site, your site will not be benefitting.

Search Engines like fresh content. If a site is being continually updated, Google will see your site as an active site, a current site, a site of value to visitors. It is not always easy to update your website; a blog allows you to continually add new content. The frequency of new content is also important; a blog with one or two posts written 6 months ago will add no value to your site whatsoever. A minimum of one post per week is recommended.

New content also encourages spiders to come back and crawl the whole site. Bookmarking posts on social bookmarking sites and social networking sites can speed up this process. When the site is crawled, pages are indexed and shifts in rankings occur – hopefully positive ones!

Optimising blog posts also helps your SEO campaign and provides an opportunity for link building in support of your chosen keyword model which will also help rankings. Keyword rich posts which contain carefully chosen anchor text pointing to the specific pages of your website will reinforce to Google what those pages are about. It also gives an opportunity for some link building using permutations of the terms within your keyword model or indeed longer tail terms which will help you direct more relevant traffic to your site.

Blogging is an interactive medium. As search becomes more influenced by social, having an area on your site where users can comment, like and share can only be beneficial. Encourage your Facebook fans and Twitter followers to read your blog, comment on posts and share links back to the blog across these social networks.

Write interesting content. Whilst the SEO benefits of blogging must be in mind when writing any post, it is also important to consider what your visitors will actually be interested to read and even more importantly, share. Content which sparks user engagement is key as it is this type of content which spreads online naturally, widening the reach of your brand.

Aside from SEO advantages, a blog provides another channel via which to spread you brand voice, share industry knowledge to become an expert in the field, inform people of current trends or events.

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