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At the beginning of the month, Google announced they would be bringing its personalised search service to another one of its search mediums; Google news. The way I see it, Google sees it’s personalised search facility as a point of differentiation to other search providers.

A problem which would arise if using Google news in its personalised form though, is that you are limiting your news strictly to the sources you agree with and thus, missing the bigger picture.

Of course, Google personalised search is useful in many ways, returning more suited results in place of ones with little relevancy, and for a host of searches, this is okay.

But sometimes, it is better to gain exposure to ideas, concepts and stories which aren’t more suited to you. If you only accessed the things you know you want, how can you expand and develop your own ideas, perceptions and creativity.

The personalised news announcement was perhaps the final straw for me with this way of thinking. It is important for people to read and acknowledge as many sides to a debate, theory or issue as possible. By limiting your input, you are restricting your perspective and your own vision at understanding an issue.

Using the personalised news service may give users more of that they want,

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