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The challenge for any company that is involved in social media and SEO is simple; how do they get involved in the buzz. When trying to project a brand forwards, whether though social media or purely SEO, the hardest part is to integrate your brand in online dialogue to the extent that is needed to really make a difference. More often than not brands seem to dabble and not truly get the results they are aiming for.

We have a Twitter account, we do online PR, we engage with bloggers, so why aren’t we getting the results we require.
Simply going through the motions is no longer good enough to make real impact online. Unless your product/service is smart or sexy enough to act as a conversation starter or link bait in its own right then you are going to need a refined strategy to deliver bottom line value.

One area of strategy that is often overlooked is that of online PR. Countless companies aimlessly release online press releases without properly utilising this practice to tap into online buzz. The key to online PR is finding your place in online conversations, optimising to gain visibility and ensuring the benefits of people referencing your press release are channelled back to your own site.

So here are a few tips:

• Understand breaking stories, search, and twitter trends that relate to your brand. Understand how they are relevant to your brand and write a press release that supports the dialogue that has already occurred. Use experts, form an opinion, make sure you are worthy of being referenced.
• Optimise your press release so you are sure to be found for terms that journalists will be searching for.
• Make sure you give journalists a reason to visit or link to your site. Using a press room that has extra information on a topic will ensure that your site is linked to rather than your press release- keeping all that link juice for yourself.
• Use social media releases so that whoever picks up your release will have all the information they require.

Understanding your brands place in customer and industry dialogue is crucial to your online press campaign and will help you create a tailored strategy that achieves results.

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