How To Map Your Ad Groups For Easy PPC Campaign Optimisation (infographic)

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Many impressions but no conversions or good conversion rate but few impressions? Here’s how to classify your PPC Ad Groups to help your decision-making process when optimising a campaign. Simply take into consideration two metrics: the number of monthly impressions and the Conversion Rate.

Step 1

Think about what you consider a high number of impressions and a good conversion rate to be and define three ranges for both metrics. There are no general rules, it really depends on your industry and your targeted market. While 1,000 monthly impressions may not be much for a retailer selling books nationwide, this would likely be a huge volume for a plumber targeting his local town.

Tip: When defining ranges for impressions and conversion rate, just focus on non-brand ad groups. If you are bidding on your own brand terms, you can expect a much higher conversion rate from these terms, so don’t define ranges with data from brand ad groups.

Step 2

Create a two-axis chart,

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