Analytics Event Tracking – 5 Step Guide

In the past I’ve visited many sites and blogs trying to find easy guides to help me manage my PPC accounts. Although I have a technical background, certain tutorials tend to drag on quite a bit and can be filled with waffle.

I have found many tutorials regarding event tracking, …

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Working with CHICKS Charity

The team here at Digivate are delighted to be working together with children’s charity: CHICKS. We wanted to gain some more experience working with charities and we felt that the partnership with CHICKS would work well and be mutually beneficial.

CHICKS provide respite breaks to disadvantaged children across the UK. …

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An Idiot’s Guide to Social Media: An Infographic

So now, the time has come, and now we face, the final curtain. Yes it’s true, we’ve reached the end of our social media series and we’ve compiled some of the best statistics we could find to bring you one great big Infographic of social media statistics to help …

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An Idiot’s Guide to Social Media: Facebook for Beginners

facebook logo

So here we are again. Glad you could join us. Once again we’re delving into the ever-changing world of social media to provide you with the basics to get you started on your social media strategy.

So without further ado, here’s the next post in our Social Media series:
Facebook – …

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An Idiot’s Guide to Social Media: Google+ for Beginners

We’re almost at the end; we’re on our last post before we sum it all up next week so pay attention there will be a test! This time around we’re talking about the social media site you’ve probably never even been on:
Google+ for Beginners
It launched just over two years …

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Capitalising on Seasonal Trends: A PPC guide

With the great British summer coming to an end, there isn’t a better time to discuss the importance of seasonal trends and the impact they have on your PPC campaigns. One of the great benefits of paid search marketing is that it’s highly customisable, allowing you to make changes …

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2014 SEO News Round-Up: The Year in Review

So Many Pandas!

2014 is coming to a close and as the year ends we thought we’d take a look at the biggest SEO news stories of the past 12 months.

As usual, first up it’s the
Algorithm Updates
Each year the Algorithm updates dominate chatter amongst marketers as we work to anticipate the upcoming …

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2014 Twitter Header Dimensions

The first thing people will probably see when they decide to click on your Twitter page will now be your header photo, and they will judge so make it a good one!

While the internet is riddled with countless Twitter cheat sheets and header dimensions guides, the layout updates for …

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Paid Search Character Count Tool


Tired of second guessing character length?

We’ve all been in that position before. You write a great sounding ad and include all the information you want to, with a great sales pitch and encouraging call to action, only then to come to the realisation that you’ve overstepped the boundaries with …

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Brand Keywords. To Bid or Not to Bid

‘Why should I pay to promote my own brand? After all I am already showing at the top of the search results. I don’t need to waste money on a brand PPC campaign”.

As a digital marketer this is a comment one often hears from clients. And it’s a fair …

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