10 Reasons SEO Agencies Do Better SEO (infographic)


Some in-house SEO professionals are excellent but smart brands hire a good SEO agency. These are the main reasons why an agency is best for your brand:

1. Superior strategic leadership
Engaging a good agency with an experienced Head of SEO (or Head of Search) is like hiring an expensive in-house …

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2012 has been a great year for PPC. Let’s get ready for 2013

2012 has been another year of strong grow for pay-per-click advertising. The main characters on the stage are still the same. Google is comfortably the leader of the market while the Bing and Yahoo’s ‘Search Alliance’ is starting (slowly) to catch up. Facebook has been experimenting new features and …

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Is PPC the Right Channel For You?

Is PPC the Right Channel For You

Do you have a transactional website that could benefit from more exposure through Paid Search Marketing (PPC)? If so, the good news is that everyone can do PPC. It doesn’t require a huge initial investment, it’s a very flexible channel (a campaign can be paused in a matter of seconds) …

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How To Map Your Ad Groups For Easy PPC Campaign Optimisation (infographic)

Impr vs CR ver C

Many impressions but no conversions or good conversion rate but few impressions? Here’s how to classify your PPC Ad Groups to help your decision-making process when optimising a campaign. Simply take into consideration two metrics: the number of monthly impressions and the Conversion Rate.
Step 1
Think about what you consider …

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SEO has changed…but has it really changed that much?

Anyone in the SEO industry who has had their finger on the pulse of the digital marketing blogosphere over the past 12 months could be forgiven for thinking that they’ll be out of a job soon. While proclamations such as “SEO is dead” have been around as long as …

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Google Shopping: what’s new for advertisers?

As sponsored results continue taking over more and more space on the search engine results pages (SERPs) another small revolution is going to change the way merchants approach their SEM strategies.
In May 2012 Google announced that Google Product Search will transition to a “commercial model” built on Product Listing …

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5 Simple Tips for Creating an Engaging Blog

Starting a personal blog may be something anyone can do, but not everyone can make it a success. It is not something that happens over night either, and it does not happen without a fair amount of input. With the right care and attention, a personal blog can become …

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8 Awesome Tactics for Linkbuilding with Social Media

Social media can be a strong linkbuilding tool for brands and if you’re not currently using it you could be missing out on some golden opportunities. Here’s a quick summary of how to harness social media for the end goal of linkbuilding:

Look out for brand mentions and ask for …

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8 SEO Tips for Startups

Eight top SEO tips for new businesses.

Starting a business can be daunting and building a strong online presence from nothing can seem almost impossible in the early days. Success requires a heady mix of technology and marketing expertise from the outset.

Here are eight simple but very powerful things you can do to help your business …

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Directory Submissions for SEO: The Only Guide You Need

Good Web Directories

Directory submissions aren’t dead. In fact building links from high quality, localised and industry relevant directories might just be one of the most overlooked tactics in the modern SEO’s repertoire.

When many people think of directories, they think of spammy link submission sites – the type of directories that will …

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