Facebook Graph Search: 5 Marketing Facts

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has unveiled Graph Search, a new socially-driven personalised search engine that will form an integral part of the social network.

Replacing the previous Facebook search feature, Graph Search will use information about your Facebook friends from Facebook’s Social Graph.

There’s more information about Facebook’s Graph Search on the official page, along …

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The E-Commerce Marketing Mix: 8 Principles (infographic)

Ecommerce Marketing Mix Infographic

Getting buyers to visit, buy and keep buying is the essence of marketing for websites selling things online. When people share your content with their friends, your campaigns gain far more reach at no additional cost.

Selling online requires a specialised marketing mix – but the same principles can be …

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12 SEO Warfare Tactics: Attack and Defence

SEO Warfare

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others (Niccolo Machiavelli)

Don’t try this at home kids. I don’t advocate the use of hostile SEO under any circumstances. And I’m not about to reveal anything really dangerous or secret here.

But it is important for brands …

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The Modern Marketing Triangle: 3 Keys to Success (infographic)

The Modern Marketing Triangle

Many traditional marketing models now seem ancient and obsolete. New strategic models are needed – not just for text books and academics but for managers. Businesses need practical templates on which to build the next generation of actionable marketing strategies – with a mix of tactics that work online.

Offline is …

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6 Simple Steps to Boost PPC Performance

Boost PPC Performance with Ad Extensions

If you’re wondering how to take your pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign to the next level then Google Adwords Ad Extensions may help. Ad Extensions provide extra information on your traditional PPC ads that give potential customers more reasons to click on your ads – such as more website …

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5 Key Points for an SEO Audit

A full SEO audit can take weeks for a large website. But you can quickly and easily check some of the most important and actionable SEO factors. So there’s no excuse to put it off any longer!

Your links, likes and tweets
Your best competitors’ links, likes and tweets
Your URLs or web …

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The Weeks Top 9 Online Marketing Posts


Don’t Debate The Power of Facebook!

Market research Company Lab42’s recent research found that consumers view a brands presence on Facebook as more important than ever, with 75% suggesting they feel more connected to a brand on Facebook. 35% also feel they are listened to more on Facebook. Have a look at …

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6 Ways to Help your PPC Agency

6 Ways to Help your PPC Agency

Every business would welcome continual growth in sales from PPC (pay per click) search engine marketing campaigns.

As the client of a PPC (search engine marketing) agency you have the power to help your agency achieve stronger results from your PPC campaign. It is essential that you, your marketing team …

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Top 10 Online Marketing Posts of the Week

Top 10 Online Marketing Posts

It’s hard to keep up with the internet’s constant supply of content, thus to help make life easier for all the webmasters and online marketers out there Digivate has provided the pick of the online marketing content this week. Enjoy.

1. Smartphones have taken over

The use of smartphones continues …

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Stop Looking For the SEO “Magic Pill”

SEO Magic Pill

“What’s the Secret to Getting #1 in Google?”

“How Do I Increase My PageRank In a Month?”

“Is It Possible To Pay For a Number One Spot?”

“How Can I Get a Million High Quality Links in a Few Months?”

“How Can I Outsource My SEO Campaign to India for £100?”

If you take …

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