Tailored PR

PR is a critical part of any SEO campaign. Although onsite factors and a well-informed keyword model are critical to success, it is the ongoing impact of an integrated PR process that really facilitates the ability to obtain and sustain top-level valuable rankings.

So what compromises an integrated and successful …

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Social network SEO practices

As an agency it is our responsibility to stay on the edge of what is happening in internet marketing, and with regard to SEO and social media (my current specialities) this means understanding the whole online landscape, how it is developing, and what this means for how our current …

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The Importance of Natural Momentum

Momentum is a crucial factor when undergoing a PR or content strategy to grow the authority and strength of a domain.

After analysing the competition for non-paid search and understanding the enormity of the task to compete for rankings it is easy to fall in to the trap of pushing …

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Personalised Search: SEO strategy implications

Since the 4th December 2009 Google has automatically customised results based on users previous search history. Prior to this date Google results were only personalised if you were signed in to your Google account. What this now means is that if you don’t want results to be personalised you …

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Google & Social Media

Whilst the general consensus is the future of SEO lies at the door of Google and Bing (although the jury is still ‘out’ on the latter), there is strengthening doubt regarding using SEO as the only strategy to adopt for a campaign. No longer is it just the search …

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Keep social, keep engaged and keep localised

With the launch of Hotpot Google have turned search into an even more socially driven experience. Google places as well as latitude have shown us the power of localised search. Latitude with its ability to connect people through location and places through its ability to strengthen the visibility of …

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Google Releases new patent: SEO insights

It is not every day that Google releases information related to how its algorithm views SEO factors, so when they do it is important that webmasters and agencies take note and understand what this means for how they are servicing accounts and their own websites.

The patent that was released …

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Apple VS Google in the mobile advertising market

British mobile users will soon have to align themselves to a tech giant, as both Google and Apple are setting their sights on the lucrative mobile advertising market.

Google boss Eric Schmidt recently announced the company will be following a “mobile-first approach” and prioritising investment in a rapidly growing sector …

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Google Instant and SEO

A lot has been made already of the introduction of ‘Google Instant’ since it was rolled out yesterday.

What does this mean for SEO? Is search engine optimisation (or Google engine optimisation, depending on who you talk to) doomed?

If you are reading this article, there is a very strong chance …

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How Social Media manipulates Search behaviour

There are countless articles on an abundance of blogs and web sites which debate the return on investment in SEO versus investment in Social Media: Which has the greatest impact on lead conversion? Which is the better investment? If the debate is framed to compare and contrast SEO and …

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