Facebook Graph Search: 5 Marketing Facts

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has unveiled Graph Search, a new socially-driven personalised search engine that will form an integral part of the social network.

Replacing the previous Facebook search feature, Graph Search will use information about your Facebook friends from Facebook’s Social Graph.

There’s more information about Facebook’s Graph Search on the official page, along …

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5 Simple Tips for Creating an Engaging Blog

Starting a personal blog may be something anyone can do, but not everyone can make it a success. It is not something that happens over night either, and it does not happen without a fair amount of input. With the right care and attention, a personal blog can become …

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Social Media Domination: 10 Essential Tips

Everybody knows their business should be more active on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

Companies who have built their business through traditional advertising mediums like print and television have grown accustomed to having total control over the way …

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Online reputation: negative search results

Have you Googled your brand name recently? Why not try it now? Take a good look at what’s on pages one and two!

Prominent customer complaints can harm your business by turning off customers before they even arrive on your website. That means managing reputation forms a key part of …

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The Next 12 Months in Search Ranking Influences

As the landscape of search continually and rapidly changes it is vital to look to the future and establish, when possible, where the next changes are coming from. Looking at the next 12 months and the immediate future of search shows us certain ranking factors appear to be increasing …

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2011 Digital Futures – #1 Social Commerce

There is little doubt 2010 was the year of social media with Facebook overtaking Google as the web’s most popular site – not to mention an Oscar-tipped film being released – while Twitter became ubiquitous and its influence in circulating news (and gossip) became clear.

With these mediums and more …

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SEO Strategy For Video

Utilising video is a great way to gain exposure and expand your reach further. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your site, build links, own more real estate in the SERPs and gain video postings within the blended search results.

You can post videos onsite, offsite …

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Twitter Shifts Focus On Quality

Twitter has recently unleashed a wrath of restrictions to users profile which they are characteristically keeping private. Of course, some reading around and experimenting can lead us to pretty strong guesses about what they exactly are (maximum amount of tweets per hour, relevant ratio of followers to follows and a …

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Put all your ideas in the pot…

I discussed on here a few weeks back popular US clothing brand Gap’s ‘experiments’ with brand identity and the importance of branding, imagery and naming. Google now feel it is time to come out and explain their new name for their social-media friendly relation to Google Places, Google Hotspot …

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Why Should You Know About Canonical Tags?

The top 3, soon to be 2, search engines announced back in 2009 that they were all going to support “canonical URL tags” in an effort to help webmasters eliminate the common problem of duplicate content in their site. You know the kind of sites, typically ecommmerce sites that …

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