An Idiot’s Guide to Social Media: Google+ for Beginners

We’re almost at the end; we’re on our last post before we sum it all up next week so pay attention there will be a test! This time around we’re talking about the social media site you’ve probably never even been on:
Google+ for Beginners
It launched just over two years …

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2014 Twitter Header Dimensions

The first thing people will probably see when they decide to click on your Twitter page will now be your header photo, and they will judge so make it a good one!

While the internet is riddled with countless Twitter cheat sheets and header dimensions guides, the layout updates for …

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An Idiot’s Guide to Social Media: Twitter For Beginners

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If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, or you’ve never handled a company social media account we’ll forgive you. You know not your own sin.

So if you’re a new business owner, or you’re that poor sod whose boss has just breathed down their neck …

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The Social Media Empire [infographic]

Building a Social Media empire isn’t easy.

The most powerful names of Social Media weren’t formed by keeping themselves to themselves. A brilliant idea isn’t enough to sustain your business. Years of accumulating investments, acquisitions and constantly coming up with innovative concepts have led to their influence on people and …

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Social Media Weekly Roundup

Social Media Logotype Background

Issue #1

Updates, layouts, algorithms, trending topics and Facebook stalking– the world of Social Media is constantly changing and we’re always finding important bits of news that can make your virtual lives a little easier. While we can’t add everything that’s happened over the past week in the world of …

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SEO & Digital Marketing News Roundup – January 2014

Hey everyone! I’ve been in the habit lately of collating all the monthly SEO and digital marketing news for the benefit of both our team and clients.

People seem to like this (separating the wheat from the chaff can be a mammoth task for a lot of people), so I’ve …

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10 Ways to Integrate Search, Social and Content

SEO, PPC, Social media and Content working together

Many SEO, PPC and Social Media teams work in isolation from each other with little or no integration between campaigns. Communication and coordination between the departments can be very poor if it happens at all.

This an unfortunate situation but it is a common one in brands and agencies alike. …

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How to Get 30,000 Twitter Followers in a day

Get Hacked

Get hacked!
International fast food giant Burger King fell victim to online hacking organisation Anonymous on Monday. The self proclaimed ‘hacktivists’ say they take action against companies who they feel are unethical by attacking websites and social media accounts.
During the attack Anonymous hijacked Burger King’s Twitter page and re-branded it …

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SEO and Social Media – Why You Need Both

SEO - jealous of Social Media?

Social Media is the shiny new toy in the toy box, but is there still room for your favourite SEO toy?

The apparent war between SEO and Social Media Marketing has been a high profile topic for the past few months. One particular article from the Guardian stated that ‘SEO …

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The Social Gaming Gamble: Has Sony Got It All Wrong? (infographic)

PS4 vs. Xbox

Unless you’ve been living under a Donkey-Kong sized rock for the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that after six long years, Sony’s PlayStation 4 was unveiled to be released this year.

When looking through the Sony presentation plus subsequent reviews & articles, one of the main elements of the …

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